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Why Are Spiders Getting Attracted to Your House?

Spiders are among the category of pests that you have to deal with no matter the time of the year. However, doing certain things can attract these pests even more. As the weather starts cooling, spiders tend to seek warmth inside people’s homes. However, the warmth of your house might not be the only reason they get attracted. 

Most homeowners do not understand what attracts spiders and end up making mistakes. Spiders take advantage of people’s forgetfulness and invade their homes. If the same thing has happened to you, you should not hesitate to call Georgetown pest control

Reasons spiders are getting inside your house

  • There are too many spider entrances in your home. 

It goes without saying, but the main reason spiders are able to enter your house is because there are openings for them to enter. The entrances that may come to mind are your front and back doors and the windows. 

However, spiders rarely ever come through them. They usually enter through less obvious places, such as torn window screens or foundation cracks. Uncovered vents are also good entrances for spiders. 

  • You keep your outdoor lights on. 

Spiders do not really get attracted to light. However, most insects that spiders feed are attracted to light, due to which spiders also follow them. If you keep your outdoor lights on during the evenings and the nights, you are likely to wake up with a lot of insects on your windows and the porch. Before you know it, spiders will follow them and enter your house to feed themselves. 

  • Your house is humid and has dampened areas. 

Spiders, like most pests, love damp and humid areas. This is because it serves as the best place for laying eggs as well as hunting. The most humid areas of a house include the basement and the attic, which is why you find most of your house pests in these areas. If you want to search for spiders in your house, your attic and basement are the best places to begin. 

  • There are food sources in your house. 

If you have spider’s food sources in your house, you are bound to attract pests. Keep your kitchen clear to avoid this. You should also be mindful of other pests in your house because spiders feed on them, so they are also a good food source. 

  • You leave trash cans open. 

Trash cans are great food sources for spiders and various other pests. If you keep them open, spiders are likely to get attracted. Always remember to cover your trash cans inside and outside your home with the lids to prevent the smell from attracting unwanted guests.

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