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Why Is It Worthwhile to Bake with Your Kids?

Not everyone enjoys baking, but if you are a parent who does love making cakes, cookies, and other treats in the kitchen, you may have already considered sharing this hobby with your children. Even though you might prefer to do this as a solitary activity when you need some downtime to relax, below are a few great reasons why you should bake with your kids at home.

Baking (and cooking in general) is a skill that is worth developing, even from a young age. Although grocery stores might be full of ready meals and packaged goods that are easy to heat up, it is important to know how to make a nutritious meal so that you can live a more balanced lifestyle. It’s also useful if you should ever find yourself in a situation where you have to cook something as no one else is around to do this for you. This is why it is important to cook and bake with your children, as you will be helping them to learn this vital life skill that will help them live independently when they are adults.

  • Encourage Their Creativity

Another benefit to baking with your kids is that it can be a good opportunity to encourage their creativity. While baking might be a fine science at its foundation, once your cakes, cookies, and other goodies have come out of the oven, you get to express yourself and indulge your artistic side by decorating them. You could even use food coloring to dye frosting, or layers in the cake, too! There are other useful tools you can buy for decorating baked goods, like this PYO Christmas stencil, to make it easier. Get out the sprinkles, frosting pipes, and other fun decorative items, and let your kids use their imaginations! 

  • A Good Way to Spend Quality Time with Them

Spending time with your family is always important, and when you do have children, you might be amazed at how quickly they are growing up. There are a lot of ways you can spend more time with your children, and sharing your passions and hobbies is one of them. Baking with them on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon is a lovely way to spend quality time together, and you might find that these experiences become cherished memories for you and your kids. They may even continue this tradition with their children one day. As you bake together, you can ask them about how things are at school or anything else that is going on in their lives to help you form a closer bond and create a safe space for them to talk.

  • It Can Relax Them

Speaking of creating safe spaces to talk, even if your child doesn’t want to discuss what has been bothering them or what’s going on in their lives while you bake, this activity could be soothing to them nonetheless. The process of concentrating on weighing ingredients, mixing things, decorating cakes, etc., can help to keep your kids calm and happy in a similar way arts and crafts can, making it a lovely, therapeutic activity.

If you love baking and want to share your passion with your kids, remember these other great reasons to do so and see if they are interested in joining you in the kitchen next time.

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