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Why Would You Need Proxies For Your Business?

As everyone knows, you won’t be able to access all the websites over the internet while using your IP address. Specific websites might set some restrictions, and if you try to break the rules, you might face the consequences. There is a possibility of getting banned by the website.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get access to that website anymore. In this scenario, a proxy would work for you. There will be no restriction if you are using a proxy to scrape internet websites. All you will need is a proxy that you can buy from an ISP reseller or a proxy seller company. 

An insight into Proxy:

A substitute to your original IP address, and you will be able to get access to various websites over the internet. A proxy server will make a connection between you and the server you are trying to get in while hiding your original identity. Your location will get changed, so you will be able to get access to a specific website from any part of the world.

Different types of proxies

Here are the three types of proxies that you might want to buy:

1. Residential proxy

If you are in the U.S and you would like to get access to an Indian website, but it is not allowing you because of your IP address, then a residential proxy would work for you. Your original IP address will get masked with a local Indian IP address, so you can open that Indian website. This type of proxy is known as residential. It would be provided by the local company of the country of the website you are trying to reach. 

2. Data Center proxy

This proxy is generated on cloud services with better speed, so you can scrape as much data as you want from various websites over the internet. 

3. ISP

This proxy is a blend of residential and data center proxy.

  1. There are many other proxies that we haven’t mentioned here, but all of them serve the same purpose. 
  2. They will help you to get access to websites that you weren’t able to before. 
  3. Your own identity will stay hidden. 
  4. No website safety measures will be able to attack your IP address. So, it is completely safe if you are using a proxy server while data are scraped on the internet websites.
  5. You will just have to decide whether you want to buy a shared proxy or a dedicated one. 

If you go for the shared proxy network, then many people at the same time will use the same IP address while surfing the internet. Whereas in a dedicated proxy server, only you will be the one using an IP address assigned to you. Most businesses prefer buying a dedicated proxy because it is more of a safer option.  

Why do resellers need to use proxies?

The main purpose resellers are using proxies because this way, they will be able to buy as many products as they want without getting their system attacked by any website safety software. The reselling market has become huge. Resellers buy products in bulk quantities, and then they sell them at much higher prices.

The companies noted this, and they tried to make a fence between those resellers’ servers and their company’s website. It is one of the reasons that resellers use different proxies to get access to those websites and to buy those products that will help them to make good profits in the future. 

  • To get protection from Bot

The online industry market is now fighting back against Bots. Yes, they are literally spending millions of dollars every year, so no one will be able to buy all their limited edition products and further sell them at double prices. Using your own IP address to get access and buy all the products is not possible now. Your IP address will get banned by the company’s website.

In this scenario, you use proxies and simply dump all the products in your cart and buy them without getting banned.

  • To get access to specific market

Some websites that only allow local access won’t allow you to get access to their website if your IP address is not local. So, the residential proxy would work for you in this scenario. The company’s website won’t be able to tell whether you are a local person trying to buy their product or you live far away. 

The bottom line

Now you might understand the importance of proxies for the resellers. Well, every company knows how people try to hack their websites for their own benefit. So the security checks are getting tighter. In this situation, only proxies can help out the reselling industry.

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