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3 Hour Diet: How To Lose 5 Pounds In 1 Month

Do you want to lose five pounds in a month? No miracle product, or diets tight. The solution comes from the United States and is called “diet of the three hours” E ‘was created by a certain Jorge Cruise and has the objective of eliminating fat mass in favor of lean body mass, acting on the metabolism so as to allow a very fast weight loss. The diet must be accompanied always exercise, but daily without too much trouble: Cruise says you need eight minutes a day.

How it works

You can eat a little of everything ‘(proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables), do not overdo it, and especially by dividing the day into 3 main meals and 2 snacks, being very careful not to spend between one and l’ Another more than three hours. Hence the name.

How to Eat

Two rules first: chew slowly and do not eat within three hours of bedtime, so no chocolate or biscuit before going to sleep, because the digestive system also needs to rest.

Diet: when it is really necessary

To be avoided – As I said we can eat anything, with a few precautions, say of the golden rules to follow: never mix proteins and carbohydrates; never proteins with carbohydrates with proteins or carbohydrates, fats (minimized) should not be mixed with sugar or honey. Examples: yes mozzarella with tomato and pasta with tomato, mozzarella and pasta instead of no. Yes the beans with vegetables, never pasta and beans, pasta and potatoes, potatoes and bread.

Doses – The food you eat based on the volume it occupies: two big books for fruits and vegetables, a deck of poker cards of meat for pasta consumption is a cube. Every day we must consume 1,400 calories (up to 100 snack), and in each main meal should be on our table protein and vegetables, carbohydrates and vegetables and fruits.

Lose weight: 10 diets compared

Cruise has some kind of menu to suit all tastes:

Meat lovers – For meat lovers, includes breakfast for two slices of turkey breast, a snack of a small brownie, lunch with toasted ham and green bean salad, snack with a slice of melted cheese for dinner and a small fillet accompanied by mixed salad and boiled potatoes.

Carb Lovers – For lovers of carbohydrates, provides for breakfast ham and cheese, snack crackers with four, lunch of pizza margherita, for peanuts snack 30 for dinner and a pasta dish with shrimp and cauliflower.

Healthy heart – For lovers of healthy foods, offers a yogurt for breakfast, an apple and four nuts, two carrots as a snack, lunch salad mixed with tomatoes, mango, onions and prawns, a banana for a snack, a dinner chicken breast grilled with vegetables.

If you follow these tips, hopefully you will get the result quicker than you thought. To get more weight loss advice, click here.

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