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5 Ways To Heal Breast Pain Every Women Must Know

You sometimes get breast pain every month. A new research shows that diet can heal this kind of pain.

Prevent Cysts

Women tend to get non cancer cyst as one source of breast pain. Study shows that women reducing caffeine and chocolate intake may reduce 61 % breast pain significantly. Coffee, tea, and chocolate contain methyl-xanthine’s, natural stimulant for cyst.

Reduce Pain

Salt containing high iodine is low sodium alternative. A study shows that iodine supply may heal breast pain for women having cyst. Iodine may slow estrogen production related to breast tissues as the main cease of cyst.

Reduce Inflammation

Women getting more fatty acid omega 3 that contains in walnut, flaxseed, and oily fish have 67% lower possibility to get cyst, as stated in America Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Omega – 3 functions to produce prostaglandin, kind of chemical substance creating inflammation and creating cyst.

Heal Stuffed Stomach

Consuming water melon, cucumber, celery, peterseli, and dandelion tea may help our body to throw more body liquid because they contain natural diuretic. This strategy is better to do before menstruation when hormone increases body liquid.

Slow Estrogen

Consuming broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and water lettuce may increase indole 3 carbinol amount protecting breast from estrogen. In fact, some experts state that that food can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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