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6 Reasons Why Women Need a Routine Physical Exam

Every woman should schedule time for healthful habits, including daily exercise, relieving stress, and dietary monitoring. In addition, visiting your doctor for routine checks should be part of your healthy habits. Regular physical examinations at Stone Mountain Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. can help you identify or prevent health issues.

Here are six reasons why you need to schedule regular physical exams:

1. Get Vital Screenings to Identify Issues Quicker

 In addition to the routine screenings and lab work that patients get during their yearly physical exams (tests for diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, etc.), women also have extra tests run during a well-woman exam.

These checks include HPV testing, pap smears, STD testing, and breast and pelvic exams. By undergoing a well-woman checkup and a preventive physical test each year, your doctor can identify severe illnesses like breast cancer or cervical cancer earlier.

2. Discuss Getting Pregnant or Using Family Planning Methods

During your regular examination, you can discuss birth control methods, plan to get pregnant, and reproductive problems with your doctor. The earlier you discuss these issues, the sooner your doctor can recommend contraception, genetic testing, prenatal vitamins, or fertility treatments.

3. Get Responses to your Medical Questions

The ideal time to ask your family doctor any questions, even the uncomfortable or difficult ones, is during your annual checkup. For instance, women with moms, sisters, or other family members who have had breast cancer, may want to discuss their risk and what they should be doing for early diagnosis and prevention with a doctor. In this situation, the patient’s family doctor could advise scheduling annual screenings before the patient turns 40.

4. Manage Chronic Conditions

By visiting their family doctor at least once a year, women with chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, anxiety, or depression can get the necessary assistance to manage their symptoms. Primary care doctors can recommend other experts if situations require additional care. But the first approach to keeping these illnesses under control is scheduling regular checkups.

5. Talk About Hormonal Abnormalities

When women visit for a physical or well-woman check, they can get treatment for problems like abnormal vaginal discharge, irregular menstrual cycle, or other hormonal issues. Often, the type of birth control or contraceptive they are on may be the root of the problem, but this is the ideal time to discuss your worries with a medic who is aware of your medical history.

6. Modify Your Lifestyle

The fact that your doctor is the ideal person to talk to about making lifestyle changes like reducing weight, switching to a better diet, or stopping smoking may surprise many patients, both men and women.

Do not be afraid to discuss your health and lifestyle objectives with your primary care physician when you visit for your annual checkup. They will take a holistic approach to your body to assist you in developing a tailored strategy for enhancing your general health.

Visiting a women’s health specialist frequently is the best method for women to maintain their health or recover from a disease or sickness. Call Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc. to book your yearly women’s health exam appointment.

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