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6 Signs of Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems are common among many people worldwide. According to statistics, roughly 12% of individuals will encounter thyroid imbalances Bastrop at some point in their lives. However, early detection of thyroid issues might greatly aid in treatment.

Here are common signs of thyroid problems you should know;

1. Anxiety

Many people who have hyperthyroidism may battle with anxiety. They frequently experience irrational anger or struggle to manage emotional outbursts due to this. If you discover that you are having trouble getting along with others around you, you should assess what has changed.

If there is no other reason for your altered behavior, you may undergo a thyroid disorder-related hormonal alteration.

2. Gain or loss of weight

Weight increase or loss is one of the early indicators of thyroid issues. Rapid weight gain may indicate a low thyroid function. You cannot burn the calories required to maintain a healthy weight when you lack the energy to carry out daily activities.

On the other hand, your metabolism will function too quickly if you are exerting too much energy. Rapid weight reduction will occur from this, which may first feel like a pleasant shift. You should get medical help if you suddenly lose weight to ensure that the seemingly positive change is not a hidden symptom of problems.

3. Feeling cold or overheated

Blood circulation and blood pressure are closely related. Feelings of being chilly will occur from low circulation. You could notice that others are fine while you are grabbing for a sweatshirt. You can be experiencing hypothyroidism symptoms if you always feel cold or see your hands and feet freezing when exposed.

4. Body shakes

High blood pressure may cause shaking due to anxiety, but it is also possible to have other symptoms like trembling hands or trouble relaxing.

Typically, bodily twitches or trembling hands are common symptoms of fatigue or nervousness. But if you see this happening frequently, it could be a good idea to go for thyroid tests.

5. Difficulty concentrating

 If you notice that you are exceptionally forgetful, you could be having a thyroid condition. Thyroid imbalance may also cause long-term confusion.

The most typical symptoms of thyroid-related amnesia and disorientation include forgetting where you parked the car, what you were doing when you entered the kitchen, or losing the capacity to remember dates and names. If you are having trouble concentrating, thyroid disorders could be ruled out because both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism exhibit this.

6. Hair loss

It is natural to lose some hair. So you should not be surprised if you lose some of your hair as it grows. However, there is cause for concern if you notice that your hair is getting thinner than it used to be or that you have bald spots.

Keep a close eye on how much hair frequently sticks to your brush. When losing a few strands while grooming is regular, if you are losing more than usual, it might be due to your hyperthyroidism. If so, call your doctor for a test.

If you notice you have signs of thyroid problems, visit your doctor immediately for diagnosis and treatment. Call Dr. Chavez at Pompeyo C Chavez, MD, to schedule your appointment for thyroid imbalances diagnosis and treatment.

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