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7 Rules That Are Very Important For Eating Healthy Food

Lately, we have all noticed an increasing rate of obesity, diabetes and heart disease; this is due to our unhealthy diet and food. What should we do to overcome this problem? The first and most important thing we all can do is eating food, real food like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and meat and to avoid “edible food-like substances”.

Here are the most important rules for a healthy eating:

1. Eat foods, not nutrients.

2. Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food, like food with15 ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

3. Don’t eat foods that contain more than five ingredients.

4. Shop on the perimeter of the store, as you most probably find real and fresh foods there.

5. It is not just what you eat but how you eat, you must always leave the table a little hungry. Many cultures like Japanese, German and Islamic have rules that you stop eating before you are full.

6. Enjoy meals with your family around a table and not a TV.

7. Don’t buy food where you buy your gasoline, as you tend to eat the food in the car this way.

Eating by the rules can help us be healthy and prevent diseases, but making our environment such that people can live by the rules is not always easy.

James John
I am the admin of this health and fitness blog. I completed his diploma in medical science. I loves to share my knowledge in medical science.
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