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Foods That Is Very Important For Thicker Hair – Should Know

Healthy hair depends on some factors such as genetic factor, environment factor, health status, and nutrition. You need to consume high protein food, especially meat, bean, and milk product. Besides, light color of fruit and vegetable contain high anti-oxidant and whole rice containing fatty acid omega-3 which is able to keep your scalp and hair condition.

High protein and Milk Product

Lack of protein may cause thin and hair fall problem. Good quality of protein is necessary for healthy hair such us milk product, bean, meat, fish, egg, and poultry. Consume 2 portion of milk product every day, 2 portions of fish, meat, and bean every day. Besides, yogurt is also good alternative to supply healthy bacteria, acidophilus helping body to absorb nutrition. So, you have to make sure that it contains active culture.

Foliate and Zinc

Beans such as lima, pinto, navy bean, are the source of folic acid which is famous as foliate. Body needs foliate to produce blood cell distributing blood with a lot of oxygen to your scalp and hair root. Besides, folate is also found in green vegetable. Other important nutrition for hair is zinc that can be derived from spinach, pumpkin seed, cremini mushroom, sea vegetable, beef, and goat.

Vitamin for Beauty Thick Hair

Vitamin A as beta carotene, vitamin C, and biotin has special contribution for hair. Vitamin A and vitamin C are included as anti-oxidant nutrient fighting free radical causing photo-aging for skin and hair.

Vitamin C helps to strengthen hair stem and prevents hair fall. Food containing high nutrition is like citrus fruit, strawberry, red paprika, Brussels sprout, sweet potato, carrot, and apricot. The other source of biotin food is like barley, corn, and soybean. Lack of biotin is also related to pale, dry, and hair fall.

Fatty acid Omega 3 for Thick Hair

Healthy fat, especially polyunsaturated fat will make your hair shiny and beautiful. Fatty acid omega 3 is very important. Flax oil contains high fatty acid omega 3 and have a spoon of it every day for healthy hair.

Other food containing omega 3 is like mackerel, salmon, tuna, walnut, canola oil. Besides, avocado and olive oil have high monounsaturated fat helping to shine your hair.

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