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A Detailed Demo of WebPT EMR

Why do people watch trailers of movies? They want to know what lies ahead and should they spend their time and resources watching the upcoming film in cinemas. Like that, while rooting for the best EMR solutions for physical therapy or any other medical specialty, scheduling a free trial is imperative. It works like a demo of what you are getting your hands into in practical life. 

It is a way to assure you that you are investing in the right solution that fits your budget as well as your clinical needs. That’s why you can skip one meal for a day and not the demo of the EMR solution you are planning to invest in. It’s a life-changing decision, and the backbone of your medical practice depends on the EMR you choose to optimize your entire workflow. Not even a slight chance of negligence is acceptable in this case.  

A squeaky EMR can crumble your years of reputation within days by turning your clinical procedures up and down. In addition, it dramatically impacts the financial health of practices leaving care providers on the verge of devastation. That’s why we root for the best solution for physical therapists, get WebPT EMR. This article of ours is based on how this solution supports care professionals by providing them unending support at all times. 

WebPT EMR Software 

It is a physical therapy EMR solution offering specialized features for outpatient rehab centers. It provides state-of-the-art functionalities for assisting care providers. The vendor’s root for intuitiveness in clinical aspects and, thus, its services know no bounds. It keeps expanding the feature section by adding newer elements to deal with clinical intricacies. This reliable solution is the best bet for therapists who desire to ascend to the next level.  

The primary services of this comprehensive platform include e-prescription, claims management, appointment handling, document processing, and payment tracking. By featuring all these HIPAA-compliant services, this clinical solution aims to maximize clinical profitability, enhance productivity and reduce the error-induced elements in the clinical workflow. In addition, all these things enable providers to spend quality time with patients during patient encounters.  

Differentiating Features Offered By WebPT  

This all-in-one platform caters to the needs of almost all rehab therapy centers with its array of innovative features. WebPT EHR covers speech-language pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pediatric therapy, and pelvic health therapy; in short, all rehab therapists can deliver optimized care services to their clients. WebPT provides them with these excellent end-to-end clinical solutions to boost their clinical productivity.  


The EMR solution helps with creating SOP notes and patient charts faster. Moreover, it helps with the entire document management process, starting from initial evaluations to discharge summaries. The physical therapy ER maintains data backups for storing data securely. WebPT even simplifies payer compliance with built-in macros and an integrated functional reporting kit.  


The vendor’s scheduling feature not just allows keeping tabs on upcoming patient appointments. It does more than that by sending alerts for restocking equipment, visiting treatment rooms, etc. This customizable scheduler lessens the last-minute cancellation rate by 30 %, thus increasing clinical reimbursements. It offers Easily Booth features for virtual visits too. 

Billing Software 

Now rehab centers can confidently handle their billing cycle with the upright services of WebPT’s billing software. It truly optimizes the revenue cycle by running real-time analytics, conducting thorough reports, viewing the billing performance, and keeping logs of all undue payments. Also, it boosts revenue by assuring clean claims submission. 

Electronic Benefit Verification 

EBV is a fantastic tool developed for seamless insurance verification of patients. Using it, providers can manage and verify the patient records to check for insurance eligibility without manually digging through the records. This upfront eligibility check minimizes the denial rate, and also it cuts down the data entry time for sorting and tracking data.  


WebPT features an intuitive patient marketing tool, Reach, to acquire patients’ attention and retain them. It basically works as a relationship management solution and thus breeds a robust patient-physician relationship. Leveraging meaningful insights nurtures a pleasing patient experience, reducing patient dropouts. Automated email campaigns are its prime service.  

Digital Patient Intake 

WebPT helps with patient registration by digitizing the intake process. It streamlines the intake procedure from the time a patient steps into the clinic to the examination room. This is to save the administrators from endless paperwork. There’s no need for transcribing records. You just have to start the initial evaluation and leave the rest to WebPT EHR.  


HEP is an interactive home exercise program for the betterment of patients’ health. This customizable mobile app allows for creating interactive exercise plans within minutes. This application can also be used to reach out to patients timely. It works wonders as it enables patients to set goals and keep a consistent pace towards their care to achieve functional goals.  


This intuitive tool is best known for empowering physicians by strengthening their practice’s online presence. WebPT EMR allows clinical websites to rank first in search engine ranking. In addition, there’s a listing management tool to ensure the website of rehab practices appears inaccurate directories. Also, it allows for getting a holistic view of online reviews. 


Another remarkable feature of WebPT is its outcome tracking software that optimizes clinical performance. It assisted rehab therapists in tracking patient feedback to deliver managed care. It allows for identifying health care trends to improve the clinical efficiency of therapy practices. 

Using this outcome management software, therapists can see performance as per set metrics.  

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What Does WebPT Cost For Therapists? 

The vendor for sure features intuitive functionalities for rehab practices. WebPT EMR offers a straightforward yet flexible pricing structure. WebPT offers three cost plans: Lite, Standard, and Enterprise. All these plans by WebPT come with an affordable cost range. 

  • Lite charges $3 per day with unlimited clinical users and is perfect for startup practices.  
  • Standard charges $6 per day with unlimited clerical users and is best for mid-sized practices.  
  • An enterprise plan is a customizable WebPT cost plan created for regional and national healthcare chains.

For more details, drop a message at SoftwareFinder, and we will guide you about the software better so you can see if it fits your clinical needs.

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