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All You Need To Know About Bath Bombs and Its Benefits

Bath bombs or bath fizzie are used for making bath an wonderful experience. The difference between a bath bomb and bath fizzie is that bath bombs are solid form and fizzies are in grain form. Generally bath bombs are of round shape, but these days they are available in various shapes and sizes, various colors and of various scented. They can be rounded like a cricket ball, heart shape or there may be many different designs on the body of the bath bomb. Bath bombs may be of different colors like pink, rose, white, light green and may be in combination of 2 or more colors. Bath bombs are available these days in practically any imaginable color.

Bath bombs are mainly made of sodium bicarbonate (and other soluble carbonates) and citric acid. Other contents like color, scent, aroma are added as required. It usually contain 2 parts of sodium bicarbonate and 1 part of citric acid and enough water to make the powders stick together. Than other ingredients are added as required.

Bath bombs when added to bath water in a bath tub get dissolved partly or completely and effervesces. The bicarbonate which is the main part of a bath bomb comes out as carbon dioxide (which form fizz or bubbles). Because bicarbonate when react with water, it forms carbon dioxide as we see in case of soft drinks like cola. Things like scent, color etc. are added in a bath bomb during making of bath bombs.

Bath bombs are mainly used for luxurious bathing. But bath bombs are also used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a form of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) branch, which uses the aroma of some compounds for the purpose of healing. It gives sense of well being in the presence of aroma. Aromatherapy is a popular form of CAM. Bath bombs can also be used for other therapeutic purpose like by adding essential oils like mint or lavender to calm and energize the bather. Cleansing agents like surfactants and sea salt also can be added for cleansing purpose.

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