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App To Lose Weight: Here Is Those That Help You Lose Weight

We stay on the subject of losing weight … If you think you need a helping hand to stay true to your resolutions, technology is valuable and runs into our help in many ways. Here is a selection of some iPhone apps all dedicated to losing weight, from food to fitness. Ready? Download … on a diet!


Meal Snap analyzed everything you eat, providing the calories contained in each food you eat and by indicating its main nutritional components. All you have to do is take a picture of what you are to eat, enter a description of the app will ascend to the nutritional value of the meal, giving as a result the number of calories you consume.

If you use it regularly, you will find that will help you a lot to choose better what you eat … Better than that …


Better than that? Side by Side Burn Daily Meal Snap, to take advantage of and work-at FoodScanner: in fact this app scans the UPC bar code of more than 350,000 foods (and not have to type anything), to give you back the ingredients and nutritional values ​​of the product you have purchased. The app also includes a personalized workout plan to dispose of what you eat and stay in shape.


If you usually eat at McDonalds and you can not do without the junk food, this app is for you: thanks to the calorie counter to help you keep your calorie intake under control of your Mac Menu (and all menus 73 fast food chains in the world). In the U.S. it is a must … from us, is for hopeless cases. How about make a sandwich at home?


CrunchFu is the app dedicated to your abdominals. The software is able to detect the movement that takes place while you do crunches or other abdominal exercises and provides an assessment on the speed and shape. The developers ensure that with its help you achieve the results in half the time. On the site of the app you also have a world ranking, in which you can participate simply by allowing the app to send your data to the data center.


Finally, we mark Digifit, a free app that monitors your heart rate and blood pressure. It ‘was designed for fans of the race, because it allows you to examine pulse, time, distance, weight, blood pressure, and much more. There is one specific version for those who practice spinning.

Well … the plan of attack to your fat is taking shape. But wait until you read the next few posts dedicated to physical fitness: this summer the watchword is “no fail”.

James John
I am the admin of this health and fitness blog. I completed his diploma in medical science. I loves to share my knowledge in medical science.
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