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Are Implant-Supported Dentures Suitable for Me? (FAQs)

We all want our smile to look attractive in every aspect of life. However, the smile is at risk of numerous conditions that make it susceptible to losing its natural form. Accidents, injuries, and dental diseases can cause you to lose some or all your teeth. But this doesn’t mean that your condition is inevitable. With museum district implant dentures, you can be sure to reclaim your gorgeous smile within a few sessions. Unlike traditional dentures with reliability issues, improved implant-supported dentures offer promising results that leave you looking attractive in the long run. However, you may not fully comprehend what implant dentures entail and whether they will serve your dental needs. For this reason, here are answers to your frequently asked questions about implant-supported dentures.

Understanding implant dentures and why they are exceptional

When you hear about dentures, maybe the traditional versions of them are the ones that erupt in your mind. Typically, regular dentures are made of porcelain acrylic; you can remove them anytime you want. Although in terms of appearance, implant dentures resemble traditional dentures, the leading difference is that they are permanent and cannot be removed. Furthermore, implant-supported dentures are made up of six titanium posts and supported with dental implants placed in your jawbone and topped with a prosthetic arch. Once fitted, you can enjoy using dentures without struggle and poor fitting.

Who is an ideal candidate for implant-supported dentures?

First, to be considered an ideal candidate for this dental procedure, you should see your dentist for an examination and determine whether the treatment is proper. They may check your oral cavity, health, and dental records to determine if you are fit for implant-supported dentures. However, if you have lost one or more teeth due to decay, injury, or infections, you can get this procedure.

Are there any risks associated with implant-supported dentures?

Unlike other dental procedures that pose long-term risks, implant-supported dentures associate themselves with minimal or no risks. This is usually because your dentist first analyzes whether your jaws or gums are fit to hold implant dentures. If anything proves out of place, your dentist might provide alternative solutions or advice for another dental procedure for your safety.

Can I rely on implant-supported dentures?

Unlike traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures are sturdier, substantial, and you can rely on them at any point in life. Also, no awkward bulkiness can affect your smiling, eating, and speaking. However, you should note that an adjustment period requires you to adopt the new feeling in your mouth.

Is there any specific type of oral hygiene needed for implant dentures?

No! You should maintain implant dentures the same way you brush and floss your natural teeth. Nevertheless, it would help if you incorporated gentle brushing with a denture-cleaning paste a minimum of two times daily. If you want implant dentures to serve your needs longer, you should keep them tidy and appealing.

While you desire to live your entire life with your natural teeth, some instances risk you losing your teeth. However, implant-supported dentures are the best way to restore your smile if you’re missing most of your teeth. The entire procedure is comfortable, and the results are appealing. If your smile is affected by teeth loss, consider finding a dental practice offering implant-supported dentures.

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