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Aromatherapy Is An Effective Technique For Weight Loss

Smelling for weight loss. Incredible? You would not think: aromatherapy, seems to be an effective technique for keeping in shape by eating less.

To confirm a curious study by researchers at the German Centre for Food Chemistry. The research analyzed the behavior of some volunteers who smelled of food refreshing, suitably flavored.

Sniffing a jar of yogurt enriched with an aromatic extract, they managed to limit the appetite. According to the data the volunteers were given caloric intake significantly reduced compared to the group of persons to which the league had not been done sniff any particular food.

There would, therefore, particular food with a flavor that can interact with and affect the nerve centers that affect appetite. What are these foods according to German research? Celery and fennel, for example, would be enough to smell them as soon as you feel a sense of uncontrollable hunger, to lose your appetite. Other studies conducted on older and laboratory animals have confirmed the power on satiety in some foods.

For example, the exposure at regular intervals of 15 minutes to the smell of grapefruit oil reduces hunger and body weight. Same goes for garlic, vanilla, mint and parsley. Try it for yourself.

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