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The Best Protein Foods Low In Fat To Lose Weight

By now you know, all the fad diets are mostly high-protein. This is because the proteins accelerate weight loss, it is a fact.

But do not overdo it because the consumption of only protein foods in the long run can lead to fatigue failure and osteoporosis due to the elimination of football excessively through diuresis.

Another important side effect is dehydration, excessive consumption of protein in fact leads to eliminate plenty of fluids and this can cause problems, especially in very hot.

In general, it should take about one gram of protein for every pound of weight, this every day.

But let’s see what are the best protein foods to lose weight. First white meat, chicken, turkey breast, rabbit, of course, grilled or baked. Oily fish and lean meats such as turkey and sliced bresaola.

Green light ricotta, leaner between the cheese, and yogurt. Also you can replace meat with alternatives like seitan vegetable, protein concentrate, derived from soybeans and tofu. Among the better to prefer the azuki beans, soy beans.

A typical day may include a breakfast egg consumption in the form of crepes, or soft-boiled eggs.

At lunch a protein food, such as grilled chicken or seitan with vegetables and a small amount of carbohydrates you should not miss. At dinner you can opt for a vegetable soup always with a side of cooked or raw vegetables and maybe a small sandwich.

Do you prefer the healthier vegetable proteins such as soy milk that contains quality protein, and if you want to lose weight sometimes replaced a main meal with a protein shake, in the market if they are to suit all tastes.

Do you know that even the aged cheeses contain good amounts of proteins and even peanuts? Of course can not be counted among lean foods, but in small quantities can be consumed without any problems.

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