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Beautiful Places to Travel in Europe in Summer 2022

Are we ready to travel? The most careful and meticulous programmers among us know that the best alternative is to book now, between March and mid-April. Because? Simple, because in this way you save. And there is much more availability, because no one has booked yet and we are left with all the choice in the world.

There is the possibility – by booking our holidays now – to save a significant percentage of the total price of a holiday. Indeed, in some cases, 50%. That’s right, a thousand euros instead of two thousand, or maybe five hundred instead of a thousand. But before booking a question arises: where to go? Of course, you can only book and only know where you want to go. But to decide quickly (and well) there is a very simple trick: use the information available on the beauty rankings of the locations. 

We will go through the places where you can also be an influencer. Keep in mind that hotels and restaurants are ready to give you a free room or dinner if you’ve a big following on social media. Let’s say the hottest thing right now is TikTok. 

Even if you have fans on Spotify (it could be interviews, music or podcasts), hotels and restaurants are ready to pay you for promotion and also, you can get free vacation from them. You can buy Spotify followers to achieve better results as an influencer in a short period.

Well then, what are the most beautiful places to go on vacation by booking immediately? 

Ten places to travel in Europe in summer 2022

Spain, in particular Andalusia. A warm and sunny region that is already in June allows you to take holidays as if it were late August. Less hot, but cheap, beautiful and very close to Italy. In eighth are the Baltic republics: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. And then Liguria: one of the most loved and romantic Italian regions of all.

We are approaching the top of our rankings. In place number six is ​​South Tyrol. For mountain lovers there is nothing better: its beauty is known, and summer is a great time to enjoy the alpine freshness.

In fifth place we find Abruzzo: a varied panorama, from the sea to the hills and the mountains – among the most beautiful in all of southern Europe. And finally here is the fourth place: Salento. Unsurprisingly, this part of Puglia is among the most beautiful in Italy and, even in this case, savings are guaranteed, especially if we book now.

The top three, finally: in third place there is Cagliari and southern Sardinia. The Sardinian capital is improving its tourist offer, and it is known, the beaches of the southern area are famous all over the world. At number two instead there is Tuscany. A region that from a tourist point of view needs no introduction, no doubt about it.

At the top of the ranking of the most beautiful places to go on vacation are the Aeolian Islands. A piece of paradise surrounded by the Mediterranean with incredible colors, and a record-breaking welcome.

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