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Common Back Surgery Myths Misleading Most People

Over the years, there has been a rise in back pain-related pains. Some of these pains are not serious and go away naturally. However, some chronic pains worsen as time progresses. Some people may sometimes seek treatments such as pain relievers, rest, and physical therapy. However, there are instances where these treatments fail, prompting the specialist to advise the person to undergo surgery. Even after the problem, most people still fear undergoing Dayton back surgery. The following are the myths misleading people from having back surgery.

You Should Have a Lengthy Bed Rest

It is true that for people to recover from the surgery, they will require a lot of patience. However, the person will not have to remain in bed for months as it was previously. Since technological advancements have been made, the person will not have to stay in bed for several months. Currently, the surgeon advises the patient to stand and walk for small distances after surgery. This process has been proven effective for faster recovery.

You Will Suffer From Extreme Pain After the Surgery

Most people look for ways they can avoid pain. This has been why they are avoiding the surgery since they fear it will expose them to excruciating pain for a long time. The person could indeed have discomfort after the procedure. However, if you follow the doctor’s instructions, the pain will be mild and reduce as time progresses. If the pain remains for long, causing persistent problems such as numbness, fever, loss of bowel control, and chills, you should immediately seek the specialist’s attention.

Surgery is the Only Back Pain Treatment

Some people believe that it is not seizing whenever they have back pain, which is a sign that they should undergo surgery. Even though some pains could be severe, some may go away when a person applies home remedies. In most instances, the specialist instructs you to have surgery when all the other treatments have failed. You should not always look to have surgery when you have not yet tried the other processes.

You Will Take Medicine for a Lifetime

Some people believe they will have to take medicine for a lifetime after surgery. However, you should note that most medicines are given to relieve the pain. The problem is that some of these medicines are addictive, which could make the person struggle to quit them. To reduce these instances, you should follow the specialist’s instructions effectively.

Pain Will Go Forever

Some people believe their back pain will go on forever after surgery. Even though some people recover fully after surgery, other individuals never recover fully, but experience reduced pain. In most instances, the specialist advises you to maintain a healthy weight, diet, and exercise to improve your back.

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