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Considering Invisalign? – Here Are Some Things You Should Know

Invisalign® clear aligners are an efficient technique to straighten misaligned teeth. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many teenagers and adults use this technique to rejuvenate their smiles and enhance their appearance. Invisalign offers numerous benefits over other orthodontic therapy like braces as they deliver results faster, are virtually unnoticeable, and are comfortable to wear. The dental specialists at Ardsley Dental Spa will assess your concerns to determine if Invisalign is appropriate for your concerns. Meanwhile, here is what you should know about Ardsley Invisalign if you are considering this therapy for your dental concerns. 

Wear Your Aligners As Long As Feasible

Wear your Invisalign aligners as long as feasible each day. Wearing your aligners for long periods is the only way to experience outcomes fast and the only way to see results at all. The specialists at Ardsley Dental Spa instruct patients to wear their aligners for nearly the entire first 48 hours and at least 22 hours for the rest of their treatment. Never take out your aligners unless you need to eat or brush your teeth.

You Will Need To Adjust Your Speech

One of the few disadvantages of Invisalign is that it could impair speech. You may have a slight lisp as soon as you put them on. It is crucial to prepare for this so that it does not surprise you as much when you speak. There is little you can do about this lisp; it is simply a natural response to having aligners in your mouth.

Nevertheless, you should note that you will not experience a lisp for the entire time of your orthodontic therapy. This lisp is only noticeable during the first several days while you adjust to the change.

Invisalign Therapy Duration Varies by Patient

Before beginning Invisalign, you should likely know how long the therapy will last. Most adults can expect therapy to last around a year on average. Obviously, this duration depends on the condition of your teeth and the extent of the necessary work. If your teeth are only moderately misaligned, or if only a few teeth are out of position, it may last several months. Similarly, if your teeth are in poor condition, Clear aligner therapy will last longer.

Faster Outcomes Than Metal Braces

One of the benefits of Invisalign is that the outcomes are visible quickly. Often, patients realize results within a few months. However, you will only experience faster outcomes if you always wear your aligners.

The therapy features a collection of pre-arranged clear trays. After two weeks, you switch to a new set of aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place.

In Some Instances, Braces Are Preferable

Clear Invisalign aligners are hugely beneficial for patients repulsed by the idea of having metal brackets on their teeth. Aligners also work faster than conventional braces as they cover the entire tooth instead of only the front portion.

However, traditional braces could still be the best option for extremely twisted teeth or severe overcrowding. Both solutions might cause soreness, but specialists believe that Invisalign is typically more comfortable than braces since there are no wires that may poke your cheeks.

Invisalign is an outstanding orthodontic therapy for tooth misalignment that can help you restore confidence to your smile. These clear aligners from Ardsley Dental Spa guarantee safe and effective results without the discomfort or inconvenience of braces. Arrange an appointment through mobile or request online to determine if Invisalign is appropriate for you.

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