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Construction Work Injury In Cedar Rapids: Things Worth Knowing

A considerable number of workplace injuries in Cedar Rapids are reported from the construction industry. If you are in the industry, you probably know at least one person who has suffered injuries at work. Despite the best safety measures, mishaps do happen. Following such an injury, workers should consider seeking legal help. If you have a claim, talk to a workers’ comp lawyer in Cedar Rapids without further delay.

Understanding the basics

Workers’ compensation insurance benefits are only available to employees. If you are an independent contractor, your benefits could be in jeopardy. One of the reasons why you should contact a workers’ comp lawyer is to know whether you have a valid claim. Companies do their best to minimize their hassles, and it is possible that your company is treating you like an independent contractor when you are not. A lawyer can evaluate whether you can file a claim.

When there are multiple parties at fault

Construction accidents are often complicated because there are multiple parties involved. The workers’ compensation benefits are paid by the insurance company, which gets premiums from your employer. However, if you were injured because of another party’s fault, you may have a personal injury claim. Get an attorney who specializes in workers’ comp claims so that they can investigate the mishap to determine the party responsible for your injuries. More than one party could be at fault.

Other fundamental basics

Iowa is a no-fault state for workers’ compensation claims, which means you don’t need to prove the fault of the other party (your employer) to get the benefits. However, when the other party is not your employer, you may have to file a separate case, for which you will need an attorney. Another aspect that needs attention is the state of your workplace. If you were made to work in unsafe work conditions, you need to talk to your lawyer because that could benefit your claim.

The role of attorneys

The right attorney will ensure that you continue to get the medical treatments as suggested by the doctor. They will also check whether you are being given “light duty” work as per the work restrictions mentioned by the medical provider. If your injury is unlikely to heal, your lawyer will also evaluate whether and how you can claim permanent disability benefits.

Get a workers’ comp injury today to find out more about your claim and other vital aspects.

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