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The Symptoms Of Omicron New Variant Of COVID-19 You Should Know

When the world was began to overcome from the outbreak of the pandemic disease Covid-19 slowly, the new variant of this viral disease Omicron has been came in frontline. After the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus end of December 2019, the whole world was seemed as like it stopped.

The scientist of all over world were started research to discover vaccine against Covid-19 virus, and they partially succeeded in this. Because still now, there is no vaccine is discovered which efficacy is 100% effective against coronavirus. However, on the whole world, the government were started vaccination on their peoples and hoped that we could be overcome from this infectious disease. Because, after starting vaccination program slowly, the transmission of coronavirus was decreasing and the daily life routine was backed to normal.

Later now, Omicron is classified by WHO on 26 November 2021 as another variant of Coronavirus after Alpha and delta. Now this variant is spreading on the whole world gain and transmission rate is increasing day by day. Everyday, a lot of people get infected from this new variant of coronavirus, many of them were vaccinated too. Though Omicron is a new form of coronavirus, like Alpha, Delta but it has different signs than other variants.

There are major 14 signs/symptoms of the new variant of coronavirus “Omicron”.
Most Omicron infected patient stated these symptoms. Let’s see below:

  1. Rhinitis – in 73% people
  2. Headache – in 68% people
  3. Fatigue – in 64% people
  4. Sore throat – in 60% people
  5. Sneezing – in 60% people
  6. Persistent cough – in 44% people
  7. Hoarse voice – in 36% people
  8. Chills or shivers – in 30% people
  9. Fever – in 29% people
  10. Dizziness – in 28% people
  11. Brain Fog – in 24% people
  12. Muscle pains – in 23% people
  13. Loss of smell – in 19% people
  14. Chest pain – in 19% people

Most of the patient in all ages like kids, young, adults are reported these causes after admit to the doctor on hospital or clinic. It is reported that in India, there is 2.85 (2,85,914) lakh new cases of omicron on last 24 hours of 26 January 2021. Omicron variant cases in India of COVID number today- 1858 cases in Mumbai, 7498 cases in Delhi, 22,427 cases in Bengaluru, 5973 cases in Chennai and 658 cases in Kolkata are reported by Indianexpress.

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