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Drug Rehab: Treatment Prospect and Requirement

One of the most dangerous social evil is drug addiction in modern day society. These days of globalization no country, no society or no community is immune from drug addiction problems. Drug and alcohol addiction and its evil impact on society is prevalent throughout the world regardless of geographic region or the advancement of a nation. The drug addiction problem is present in the developed industrialized nation as well as poor and undeveloped regions. In one word the problem of drug addiction is ‘ubiquitous’.

Drug rehab or drug rehabilitation centers throughout the world are offering hope to drug addicted men and women as well as their families. These families are suffering from the devastating and dangerous effects of these physical and chemical dependency and addiction. If you or your family member or your friend is a drug addict, choose drug rehab center carefully, as these drug rehab treatment will be the foundation of your new lease of life after successful completion of drug rehab treatment. You should ask certain questions before choosing the right drug rehab center:

  • What is their success rate?
  • What is their philosophy on addiction?
  • What drug rehab treatment programs are available at the rehab?
  • How is the transition from the drug rehab center to the mainstream society structured?
  • What are the credentials of the treating staff and supporting staffs?

United States is one of the biggest sufferer of drug addiction and its evil effects. There are many excellent quality drug rehab centers in the USA. Many of these drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers provide state of the art treatment facilities for drug rehabilitation and drug detoxification. One such excellent and one of the best drug rehab center in the US is Narconon Vista bay. This drug rehab center has unique four phase approach to completely rehabilitate the drug addict. The success rate of the drug rehab center is more than 75% who returns to the society and lead a productive life for the rest of their life. The four phases are

  • Phase I: Sauna Based Drug Free Detoxification Program, to remove any residual drug that may be present.
  • Phase II: Special Educational Therapies, to help the drug addict to learn self control.
  • Phase III: Additional Educational Therapies, to bring back self esteem to the drug addict.
  • Phase IV: A Follow Up Program, this is to assist the former addicts back to society and lead a productive life as well as to become role model to the present addicts.
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