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Fibers: How Play An Important Role In Rapid Weight Loss

Fibers accelerate loss kilograms in plus, but with one condition: to know how to consume! Here are some secrets of fibers to help you lose weight!

Which fiber helps you? Only natural fibers, present in fruits and vegetables, fresh or dried, in whole cereals, can help you keep your figure. Foods rich in fiber such as milk, are very valuable for the figure.

The same is true for tablets with cereal seeds: they act more on transit and constipation, than on the figure.

You must eat fiber at every meal to lose weight? To optimize the effect of fiber on the body, is preferable to consume at every meal. But through food diversifier you will diversify and the nature of fibers. In practice, this is how to join:

• Breakfast: a fruit, bread or whole oatmeal;

• Dinner: vegetable or fruit or dried vegetables or pasta or rice.

• Desert fruit (pie apples).

• Fiber: quantities ideal for losing weigh

Ideal would be to consume:

• Vegetables: at least 200 g at breakfast and dinner (raw, cooked or canned).

• Fruits: 1-4 daily, depending on hunger and appetite.

• Cereals: necessarily integral.

Why fibers strike hunger?

Several mechanisms explain that a diet rich in fiber limited calorific intake:

• Sources of fiber, like fruits and vegetables, are among the foods poorer in calories.

• Fibers require an effort to masticate. Eat more slowly, less so.

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