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Home Remedies for Acid Reflux

A burning sensation and discomfort in your lower chest after a heavy meal might indicate acid reflux. Acid reflux may occur when the ring of muscles that connects your stomach and the esophagus malfunctions. These muscle rings work by controlling the food which has reached the stomach from traveling back to the esophagus and the mouth. However, when you experience acid reflux San Antonio, you may feel a sour taste in the mouth as the food which travels back from the stomach has mixed with the stomach acids. These home remedies for acid reflux may reduce discomfort.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Although weight might not cause acid reflux, the excess weight on the chest and the stomach area applies pressure on the stomach. Thus it limits the amount of food the stomach can handle, making it impossible to consume everyday meals. The pressure may push the food back from the stomach to the esophagus leading to acid reflux. Thus, you can maintain a healthy weight to reduce the pressure on the stomach and avoid acid reflux.

Avoid Smoking

Excessive smoking impacts different body muscles as it weakens the connective tissues, which make muscles and ligaments strong. Thus excessive smoking will affect the ring of muscles on the sphincter. Once the muscles weaken, they will not close the stomach and prevent the food from traveling back to the esophagus. Although avoiding smoking may positively impact acid reflux, you may witness other benefits, such as skin youthfulness and improved lung health.

Elevate the Head of the Bed

You may elevate the head of the bed, especially if you don’t love using pillows at night. You may place wood or cement blocks under the feet of the bed to create an elevation that results in comfort when sleeping. The elevation prevents the food from flowing back through the gravitational pull. However, if you cannot elevate the feet of the bed, you would use a pillow when sleeping as it has the same effect as the elevated bed.

Moreover, you should avoid lying after a meal as it increases the possibility of experiencing acid reflux. You can wait a few hours before putting your head down after a meal. Thus, you should take early dinners and avoid drinking a lot of water after meals. Giving you time before resting allows the food to travel to the stomach and start the digestion and absorption process.

Eat Slowly

Eating food in a hurry may contribute to acid reflux as you chew heavy chunks that don’t pass through the sphincter rings. Moreover, eating slowly ensures the food passes to the stomach in small portions and the digestion process will be smooth and quick.

Avoid Tight-Fitting Clothes

Tight-fitting clothes might exert pressure on your waist and abdomen, making the food travel back to the esophagus. Thus you can wear loose clothes when eating or stick with loose clothes when suffering from acid reflux before seeking medical attention.

Acid reflux leads to a burning sensation in the chest, and you would feel an acidic taste in your mouth when the food spills from the stomach to the esophagus and back to the mouth. Although you would seek treatments for acid reflux, some home remedies could alleviate the symptoms. First, you may maintain a healthy weight as it reduces the pressure on the stomach. Then elevate the bed and avoid sleeping soon after a heavy meal. Finally, avoid excessive smoking as it weakens the esophagus sphincter muscles.

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