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How Eating Chocolate Helps You Lose Weight in 2022

For the sweet tooth, and for all those who love sweets, the chocolate diet may seem like a mirage. But this type of diet is really lose weight? The chocolate diet is perfect for those who feel sad and want to tantalizing desserts. The chocolate (but remember, it must be pure!) It does not hurt even if it is good, like everything else, do not exaggerate too much. A bit ‘of chocolate per day, however, will make you forget about the problems of labor and guarantee small moments of pleasure! In front of miracle diets that promise to make you lose weight without sacrifice, that chocolate is really helpful for weight loss?

The chocolate really make you lose weight?

A recent study by the University of California at San Diego published in Archives of Internal Medicine has emerged, after a tight control on the weight, calorie intake and body mass index of the volunteers, that chocolate can really be helpful for lose weight. According to the research in fact Californian who eats dark chocolate is often thinner than those who do so only occasionally.

Beatrice Golomb, a researcher who led the study, wanted to emphasize that the composition of dark chocolate is really useful for weight loss “And ‘the composition of the calories and not their number to determine the impact on weight,” he said in fact. Cocoa is rich in epicatechin, which helps to burn calories and improve muscle mass.

What kind of chocolate for weight loss?

If you’re already starting to the supermarket to stock up on dairy milk chocolate bars and sweets though, stop! We must therefore make a fundamental distinction between different types of chocolate. Andrea Ghiselli researcher INRAN (National Institute of Food and Nutrition Research) in Rome, said: “Many studies are conducted on dairy milk chocolate with chocolate special, rich in catechins and low in fat (exactly the opposite of what you find on the market ): catechins belong to the family of polyphenols, which are responsible for the positive effects on blood pressure and glucose metabolism, as well as on blood cholesterol levels.

Too bad the chocolate sold is different and that to have the same amount of beneficial substances should normally also take pounds of saturated fat. ” The chocolate, to do really well, will have to be “real chocolate”, pure and have nothing to do with the products you find in the supermarket, very fat and unhealthy. It should also be noted that it is apparent wrong to think that a food may have magical powers that can make us lose weight. On the contrary, it is essential to reflect on how a food fits into our daily diet. Then there are obviously extreme cases, like that of the American man who has lost 90 pounds through diet of chocolate!

The menu of the chocolate diet

It is very fashionable to talk about chocolate diet: in fact as mentioned earlier, the chocolate can really do well in the compound of a healthy diet but should be consumed pure, not to lose its properties. Here for you a sample menu of the diet of chocolate. For breakfast you can enjoy a hot chocolate (or milk with pure cocoa) with 6 almonds and two teaspoons of sugar cookies integral + 3 (40 g).

Natural yoghurt as a snack instead of semi-skimmed milk for lunch and 80 grams of pasta with fresh tomatoes and a mixed plate of vegetables. The afternoon snack may include a fruit juice without sugar and a bit of bitter chocolate. For dinner of grilled swordfish with a mixture of boiled vegetables seasoned to taste with a tablespoon of olive oil.

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