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How Low-fat dairy products offer many health benefits

Low-fat dairy products offer many health benefits. As you reduce the fat in dairy products, you cut calories, saturated fat and cholesterol, while protein, calcium and other vitamins and minerals remain high.

Here are some reasons why you should include low-fat dairy foods in your diet:

1. Calcium and Protein – are two things we all need and can be found in some dairy products, like: low-fat milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese.

2. Vitamin D – is an important vitamin which helps promote healthy bones and can decrease the risk of certain cancers and lower blood pressure. The low-fat milk is a great source of vitamin D.

3. Bone density – getting calcium from food, rather than supplements increases the bone mass; diets supplemented with cheese, calcium, or calcium plus vitamin D increase the bone thickness and density.

4. Blood pressure – consuming the most low-fat dairy (mostly skim and low-fat milk) lowers the risk of developing blood pressure, thanks to the calcium and protein found in low-fat dairy products.

5. Weight – calcium found in dairy products plays a great role in body-weight regulation.

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