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To Keep Your Life Moving Nutrition Has To Be Adapted To The Lifestyle

If you are stressed, eat aliments rich in vitamin B, which regulate the functioning of the nervous system. A slice of beef liver, a bowl of green vegetables, a piece of tuna or salmon and fruits can save you from devastating effects of stress. You also can crunch a handful of nuts or persimmon, because these are the fruits with the highest content of magnesium, the main enemy to stress. Also, another way is to go to fitness, where you can get rid of stress by doing different exercises, and you see how your body invigorates.

If you are depressed, eat cereals and dried vegetables (peas, beans) or do a cure of bananas, which stimulates production of serotonin, hormone of happiness and makes good to your health.

If you are cooled, eat more carrots or broccoli with red peppers. Do not forget about onion and garlic, as they are an excellent antiseptic.

If you’re constipated, eat more integral bread (3-4 slices each day and 50 grams of cereals) and try to eat also more yogurt and apples.

If you need to sleep late, drink a lemon juice or orange at 18:00 and eat a meal rich in protein. For example, cook a steak, an omelet or fried fish.

If you want to sleep well, don’t forget about natural tranquilizer. It is found in eggs, in milk products, in fatty fish, bananas and chicken meat. Associate these elements from your diet with hydrates of carbon contained in grapes, figs and persimmon. Do not hesitate to consume more complete cereal (rich in vitamin B6). At evening, drink a glass of warm milk sweetened with two spoons of honey.

If you have migraines during trips by car and you want to get rid of motion sickness, you need savory crunch or chew a half lemon.

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