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How To Be A Typical Day To Lose Weight Fast?

Lose weight well and quickly is possible. Here’s how to be a typical day to lose weight quickly

During the spring period, the number of people who start to follow a diet rears up abruptly. Losing weight and, above all, should not be resumed immediately after is possible if you learn to eat properly.

A healthy diet accompanied by exercise, allows you to get back in shape and keep the weight gained. A typical day for weight loss is not possible without a hearty breakfast that helps satisfy hunger but also to feel gritty. They can be eaten whole grains, fresh fruit centrifuged, dried and fresh fruit, coffee, little sugar and skim milk.

If you have the habit of eating breakfast at the bar, it is important to pay attention to desserts, such as croissants, and these are often stuffed with chocolate and creams that consistently increase your calorie intake. In addition, they may contain high percentages of hydrogenated fats that contribute to the formation of cholesterol. If you want to lose weight, the horn can be a whim to indulge every once or it may be chosen small, not stuffed or frosted. To complete, better to choose skimmed milk or a little coffee to sugar, preferably with honey. After the croissant, better not drink cappuccino, unless it is prepared with skim milk or vegetable origin. The cappuccino is excellent when it is a little sugar and if it is accompanied by slices toast or a low-calorie dessert.

To keep the metabolism and thus lose weight, it is good to make five meals so by mid-morning you can enjoy a coffee barley with dried fruit, a smoothie or a low fat yogurt.

When you follow a controlled diet, you have the problem of the lunch break, especially if you eat outside the home. Restricting calories is not possible in fact, the secret is to read the labels and choose foods and little seasoned vegetable-based. In place of the sandwich with tuna and mayonnaise, better to focus on a whole meal sandwich with bresaola or vegetables, it is advisable to avoid the sauces like ketchup and mayonnaise because they make fat and sugar. If you dine at the restaurant, you can start with a salad topped little abundant, followed by a portion of a first simple dish, the vegetables are fine, the simple sauces such as those based on fish. Alternatively, you can choose a second course of fish or meat, maybe grilled or baked.

By mid-afternoon, it’s good to snack with a low-fat yogurt, a fruit or a finger. At dinner, if you are in a hurry soups are excellent, even those bought ready. E ‘, however, important to choose those with a little salt and low fat, to find the most healthy you need to read the labels, preferring those where there are no dyes, thickeners and other additions.

The soup has the advantage of making fewer calories, especially if it is enriched with croutons, cheese or salami, among its virtues also be satiating and beneficial for the body, especially when it also contains legumes. It can be savored at the beginning of the meal and then followed by meat or fish, the important thing is to alternate the various foods, without excluding the low-fat dairy, fresh fruits and carbohydrates.

In a typical day for weight loss, you can not overlook the hydration and the movement to which we should devote at least 20 minutes each day.

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