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How to Determine the Reason for Your Dry Eyes

Over 50 % of people are affected by dry eyes globally at some point in life. Therefore, it is normal to experience itching, red, and irritating eyes. But you ought to seek medical attention soon since the complication can lead to chronic discomfort and severe eye health issues like infections and cornea damage. A Bronx optometrist can help you diagnose a very treatable condition. The treatment course you should take depends on the underlying cause of the dry eyes. So, you need to understand how to identify the cause of your situation. Here are some helpful tips for you.

Take a Break from Contact Lenses

If you are a contact lens wearer, you ought to rest your eyes from the devices, or else you will experience dry eye, among other symptoms. Medical experts advise that contact lenses should only be worn alongside glasses and not entirely every time. Therefore, if you are experiencing dry eye and you use contact lenses, it could be the cause. Cut the time you spend on the lenses and see if your situation improves. Consider taking a two-week break from the contacts and only wear them when necessary.

Evaluate Your Hygiene Practices

Basic hygiene practices like washing hands before touching your eyes are critical in avoiding dry eyes. If you use soap on your hands and then touch your eyes, you are more likely to experience dry eyes. Also, if you are a contact lens user, you ought to thoroughly clean them as directed by your doctor, failure to which you can experience complications like dry eyes. Always wash and rinse your hands before touching your eyes and remember to rinse your contacts thoroughly, and never sleep on the devices.

Consider Your Local Environment

The environment you live in could be the reason for your dry eyes. Therefore, take your local environment if you are experiencing dry eyes, like the climate in your area. A dry climate is known to cause unusual dry eyes. Also, areas with more seasonal changes are more likely to cause dry eyes. You will find that your eyes are more affected in the dryer winter months. Although you can do nothing to control the weather and the environment, you ought to improve your care regime and focus on protecting your eyes.

Consider the Time You Spend on Screens

If you enjoy surfing the internet for extended hours or spend too much time on your phone, it could be all to blame for your dry eyes. Depending on the nature of your job, you could also be spending most of your day on the screen, which makes you blink little and cause dry eyes. Therefore, consider taking breaks from your screens and blinking more. Also, consider limiting the brightness on your screens, and you can also use special glasses when using the screens.

Assess Your Allergies

Dry eyes can be a result of an allergic reaction. Therefore, consider other symptoms that could indicate you are allergic to something since dry eyes are not enough to indicate an allergy. Other related signs you can look for include swollen eyelids, conjunctival chemosis, prominent blood vessels in the white of your eyes, and a clear watery discharge. Also, consider if your medications include dry eyes as possible side effects.

If you are enduring dry eyes, the specialists at Bainbridge Eye Care can help you through the situation. Schedule your consultation appointment via a call or online to evaluate the reason for your complication and discuss possible treatment options.

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