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How to Fight Anxiety when Visiting the Dentist

It is natural to feel anxious when you have an appointment with your dentist, even for a regular check-up. But that should not be a reason to miss your dental care. Your dentist can put in measures to help you feel more comfortable at the clinic. Dr. Scott Young offers sedation dentistry as an option for anxious patients and might help you. However, the large part also lies on you to control your anxiety. There are many ways you can calm your nerves at the dentist to improve your experience. Here are a few.

Time Your Appointments in the Morning

Every day comes with new energy, mainly felt in the morning. It would be good to visit your dentist in the morning when you have not thought of doing much about it. It is not the same as going for your appointment in the afternoon when you will have thought about it the entire day, increasing your worries. Seeking dental care in the morning helps you get it out of the way early so you can focus on the rest of the day. If you have to work early in the morning, you can try to look for other convenient times, like on the weekend, depending on your provider’s operating hours and days.

Be on Time for Your Appointment

It is crucial to arrive early for your dental appointment. It can help you familiarize yourself with the clinic setting before setting up for your treatment. It also helps you meet your care team ahead of time which can help you overcome some fears. Also, it ensures that you get your service right on time to avoid sitting in the waiting room, which can only make you more anxious. Also, avoid being late for your appointment.

Seek Support

If you are too afraid to visit the dentist on your own, you can consider bringing a family member or friend. A loved one can comfort you during your visit and boost your confidence to seek your service. Let them know your fears and ensure you engage in casual and relaxing conversation once you are at the dentist. You will not have to go through everything alone, which will help ease your anxiety.

Let Your Doctor Know How You Feel

Do not be ashamed to tell your doctor you are nervous. Your doctor is highly trained and knows how to handle you. That is why you should ensure you choose a provider you can trust and someone you have researched adequately. Your dentist can recommend several options to improve your comfort depending on the severity of your anxiety. There are several sedation options you might gain to help you remain calm during your treatment.

Consult to Know What Will Happen

Sometimes anxiety comes due to the fear of the unknown. Consider asking your doctor to explain what they will do and see if it helps you. You might realize that you gain confidence after learning what the experience will be like. Sometimes the misconceptions you might have heard could be the reason for your anxiety which can fade away when your doctor explains everything.

Feeling a little nervous about visiting the dentist is normal. But do not let it prevent you from getting the dental care you need. Reach out to Dr. Young at Scott Young, DDS, for help.

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