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How To Make Green Tea Recipes For Weight Loss

Green tea is a beverage with antioxidant properties, is no coincidence that the Chinese drink it for millennia, and has slimming properties, antitumor for the catechins it contains, as well as energizing even more than the coffee.

American studies have shown that drinking green tea helps to reduce the levels of glucose in the blood, this drink is therefore of great help in the prevention of diabetes as well as obesity.

The object of research two groups of mice that were administered high-fat foods, but only to one of the groups was given a milkshake with green tea extract. The results showed an increase in weight and a slower absorption of fat in this group over the other.

It also seems that drinking green tea with starchy foods reduces the surge in blood glucose levels typical of when we consume refined carbohydrates, then bread, pasta, pizza, such as brioche. But this effect occurs only if the tea is not sweetened.

So unsweetened green tea, prepare it using the bulk form or, if you want to enjoy its beneficial properties, but are not fond of tea and herbal teas, you can take the dry extract in capsules.

So that green tea has slimming effects must drink three cups a day for three weeks. Of course, even if you do not follow a low calorie diet, do not expect miracles, follow the diet and make the move. The consumption of tea will surely give you a hand.

There are different varieties of green tea, but one in particular is used to prepare not only the classic drink, but in different recipes. This is the lipton green tea Matcha, very fine and rather expensive for the truth, but is presented in powder form and therefore is perfectly suited to the preparation of ice creams, milkshakes and muffins, as well as for preparing the drink in a short time

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