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How To Reduce Weight 10 kg in 7 Moves

If you need to lose a relatively small amount of weight, say five or ten kilograms, the strategy will be different from that of a diet designed for weight loss more significant. Use these steps is a breeze and you can also follow them at work: start your program and get ready to enjoy a slimmer silhouette and elegant.

Set a short-term goal

Take a piece of paper and a couple of minutes to write down why you want to lose your five or ten pounds: you are planning a beach holiday? Do you want to find a husband? Do you want to impress a meeting of high school? Be specific and do not be afraid to be ridiculous. Then create small goals and rewards for every week of your path to weight loss. Hang goal and reward program in a place that you see every day.

Seek support from family and friends

Take the word and let everyone know that your goal is to lose excess weight. Use friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to help you maintain the right path; enrolled people as possible and consider the use of social media such as Facebook pages about the diet groups and other sources of support, for example, messages with healthy tips and daily reminders.

Counting calories

Find out how many calories you need to lose weight, then use a tracking device to track and monitor your caloric intake. A notepad works well if you prefer the style approach “old school”, but an app would be perfect. Write down everything and be absolutely sure to measure portions accurately: you might be surprised by the number of calories you consume when you add meals, snacks and drinks that give pleasure every day.

Eat more lean protein

Proteins are friends of those on a diet, but you have to make sure that the source of both protein low in fat. Bacon, sausage and other meats high-calorie, probably will not bring you closer to your goal. Yes to lean chicken, turkey and fish (without sauce!).

Make physical activity every day

Yes, you read that right, every day. But each session should not be a killer workout: You can create a program that includes exercise high intensity workouts and recovery days with more moderate. If you can not find the time would be ideal to make a couple of training sessions per day, but only if it leads to eating more (a common error of each workout).

Increase the opportunities for movement

It is not only the time in the gym that counts! If you want to lose a few pounds, even normal everyday occasions of movement have a great impact on the number of calories burned, and, above all, to carry out simple activities throughout the day increases your metabolism.

Rest well

Let recharge at the end of the day: your path to weight loss will be relatively short, but you’re going to work on significant changes in lifestyle. For this you have to listen to your body to know the right amount of sleep you need.

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