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How your Well Woman Exam Will Benefit Your Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you are taking care of yourself and your baby. During this period consider Womens Care services to help you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  There are several factors to consider like diet, exercise, sleep, and keeping your body hydrated.

The following are areas that your well-woman exams that will benefit your pregnancy

Sexual Health

Your specialist will ask about your reproductive organs and whether you are experiencing anything out of the norm. More unexplained discharge or occasional pain during sex can be a reason for a vaginal or cervical screening.

If you are planning to get pregnant, you should consider a pelvic exam or cervical cancer screening and other tests like HPV testing and tests for sexually transmitted diseases. The examination is private and confidential. You can also talk to your doctor about family planning and birth control. 

Nutrition Needs

Hormonal imbalance in women can be frustrating as it can affect your moods and ability to carry out daily activities. Although you might not show definitive symptoms, you might lack energy and always feel tired.

Your doctor will examine your eating patterns and what you eat to ascertain whether you are meeting your nutritional daily value requirements. Other than foods, your doctor can suggest and recommend supplements that can help.

Breast Health

Your doctor will perform a breast exam to check on the health of your breasts. They will check for tissue abnormalities and encourage you to examine your breasts at home to catch any changes early.

They will check for changes in your breast shape and texture like rashes or dimpling, and swellings. If there is a change compared to your last examination, your provider will examine you further to determine the cause of the change.

Cardiovascular health

If you experience any chest pain talk to your doctor. Whether you experience fatigue or unexplained anxiety let your doctor know. They might refer you to a cardiologist who can order specific tests to check on your heart health.

What should you consider during pregnancy?


The food that you take will determine your health and your unborn baby’s health. Eat wholesome foods that are full of vitamins and cut back on processed foods.  


Exercise will help you keep fit and maintain a healthy weight. If you are slightly overweight, you can use exercise to shed off the extra weight. You can try an exercise like swimming or brisk walking to keep yourself from exhaustion.

You should consider slight walking if you cannot engage in more vigorous exercises. If you find it overwhelming, you can look for a partner to keep you accountable. Such a partner will help you meet your exercise needs.

Sleep and Hydration

Ensure you sleep enough and take lots of fluids. You can sleep for about 7-8 hours to wake up feeling refreshed. You can also take daytime naps.

If you are expecting, visit Suncoast Women’s Care for an extensive well-woman exam before you get pregnant. You will meet qualified and experienced staff ready to help. Call or book an appointment online.

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