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Important Foods To Burn Belly Fat You Should Know

It is impossible to have 3000 calories and think that we can get beautiful belly just in several weeks. Besides, slim your belly does not only related to calorie amount, but also how to select food.

Based on study conducted by Framingham nutrition Studies, there are some kinds of food that can be accumulated in stomach area. In this study, it is found that women consuming 400 calories more every day may get 2,5 higher risk of big stomach. They have consumed low nutrition food, so that they have higher risk to get diabetes type 2 and hearth attack.

These are some lists of food that may give beautiful belly shape for you.

Consume Fruit and Vegetable

It is suggested consuming some kinds of fruit, especially orange families. Based on recent research from Copenhagen University Hospital, women will get thinner by leaving white food like plain bread and sugar. It is better to replace it with fruit and vegetable.

Besides, fruit and vegetable can satisfy us longer with high anti-oxidant as nutrition

C and beta-carotene. You may have carrot, melon, and peach. Then, orange, strawberry, kiwi, and berry are the best source of vitamin C. In order to get more calories, consume whole fruit, vegetable not as juice.

Consume Selenium

This kind of mineral can fight cancer and it is related to selenium amount in stomach area. People having low selenium and low anti-oxidant amount in blood may have bigger waist circle.

Selenium can be found several kinds of food, but it is hard to identify whether we have got 55 mg selenium in a day or not yet.

Add More Protein

Consume more protein every day may give us more energy and it will give more contribution for some body weight reduction program. For people in the age of 40s above, protein can help to reduce fat amount containing in body. However, other study shows that consuming more protein may make kidney work harder. Therefore, it is suggested controlling food menu every day and make sure that you have 25 % protein from your food.

It is suggested consuming low fat yogurt, non fat milk, meat, and chicken meal. Nuts are the best source of protein, but unfortunately it is also high calorie. Limit nut supply around 25 gram nuts in a week.

Drink a Glass of Wine Every Day

The advantage of red wine is doubtful, but normal amount of red wine still can give advantage for health. National center of health suggests drinking red wine several times in a day with 120 ml glass. However, it is not more than 20 times in a month.

Select Good Fat

Based on research from Spain, it is easier to get slimmer with mono non-trans fat and omega 3 like found in olive oil, fish, and flaxseed oil. It is important to avoid trans fat from our daily menu because it does not contain good nutrition.

It has been analyzed that consuming trans fat may increase body weight around 4,5 kg and 30 % of trans fat stays in our stomach area. Finally,, people will be easy to get diabetes disease.

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