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Important Tips To Keep Healthy Heart At Old Age

Heart is really one of the most important organ of the body and it should be kept healthy as we grow older. Older persons are usually not ready to listen to the advice of the younger generation. They should be advised to take care of their heart in this particular stage to avoid any kind of problem.  The younger generation people are suggested not to ignore the old people simply because they don’t listen to you but try to make them understand without letting them know that you are advising them.

Routine Check up

Every person should make it a habit to visit a doctor at least once in a year to stay younger even in old age. The doctor will definitely advise you to take nutrition to make your heart remain strong in this stage. Take at least three meals in a day or five small meals. They should remain active by playing physical games of their liking and try to be active not to sit passively before television. Muscles of the body must be kept stronger to be active throughout the life. Don’t forget to get proper relax physically and mentally on regular basis. To avoid mental problems share your stress, tensions, fear or burdens with your close ones or friends.

Perfect Diet and Calorie Consciousness

It is advised not to skip meals and try to stimulate the sluggish digestion with a fresh slice of ginger with a pinch of salt and lime juice. Fresh lassi should be taken mixing with three parts of water spiking it with cumin and fresh cilantro for flavor also. To create positivity in life one must listen to some soothing music and try to enjoy the natural beauty with uplifting aromatherapy, by sipping herbal teas for body and mind relaxation.

Holistic Approach of Ayurveda is Best for Heart

Ayurveda was originated in India many thousands year back. It is a wonderful natural therapy for all human diseases. It has holistic approach for a healthy heart to get nourished both the physical and emotional. Herbs in Ayurveda namely Arjuna, Brahmi and Ashwagandha give a very positive effect on the heart.

A person should start his day with apples or pears, soaked almonds in the breakfast, fresh lime juice and eat heart-friendly spices like black pepper and the antioxidant turmeric. Fresh food must be preferred over the processed foo

Important Guidelines

  • It is strongly recommended to regularly maintain balanced diet to remain free from heart problems.
  • Good health maintained in the young age will help in remaining active in the old age.
  • The old age people must learn how to prevent day to day infections and diseases along with treatment.
  • Try to keep a little busy in this age.
  • Good sexual habits should be adopted to keep many diseases away from the body.
  • Try to participate in your favorite hobby and go on world tour to free yourselves from worldly worries.
  • Old age clubs, sports like golf or any other club may be joined to remain busy and active.
  • One of the most important one, keep a good relation with life partner.
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