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Important Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy and Beautiful

Good eye treatment can make someone looks more interesting. But, eyes are sensitive part of your face that needs special treatment to keep it healthy and beautiful. Below are several common problems and how to solve them:

Baggy Eye

Massage the baggy eye area with your middle finger smoothly starting from inside part into the edge part of your eyes. Do not forget to apply sun block cream every day.

Dark Circle

Dark circle around your eyes is caused by pollution, smoke, and dust because the blood vessel will get bigger. In this condition, your body will throw chemical substance flowing through the blood vessel to reduce the negative impact of the pollution.

Soft Wrinkle

It is caused by skin dehydration, photo-aging and biologic aging. Soft wrinkle around your eyes is caused by photo aging of sun light breaking skin collagen and elasticity. It is better to use special mask and cream for eye to prevent early wrinkle.


Acne around your eyes is usually caused by wrong eye cleaner. Some cosmetic product left around your eyes may become acne. So, it is better to apply eye make up remover to avoid acne.

Tired Eyes

If your eyes get tired, you may use ice to accelerate blood circle around your eyes to refresh your eyes.

Red Eye

When your eyes get red, do not rub your eyes because it will get irritation and stimulate more bacteria.

Prevent Soft Wrinkle around Your Eyes

Wrinkle usually appears 25 years above, but it depends on each individual. If you find this wrinkle appear, just try to do certain treatment for your eyes. These are several tips to prevent wrinkle around your eyes:

  1. Do not apply any eye cream because skin around your eye is really sensitive, so just use special eye cream that is suitable to your eyes.
  2. Heavy moisturizer cream will cause irritation or dry around your eye. So, replace your eye cream if you get irritation.
  3. Your friend’s eye cream does not always fit with your eyes because different eyes have different character.
  4. Apply your eye cream softly without massage and avoid rubbing your eyes.
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