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Insight EMR Vs. DocuTAP What EMR is More Suitable for Your Practice?

Like other business software solutions, the features and functionality must be considered. In addition, the tool must support the processes, workflows, numbers, and specifications necessary for your team. To help you assess this, comparisons between DocuTAP and Clinicient Insight Go and billing-based systems have been made.  

Insight EMR Vs. DocuTAP– An Overview  

The medical practice management system Insight EMR, which is cloud-based, streamlines the entire operation. It supports automatic coding and billing, editable charting templates, and the ability to provide remote treatment. The software has a free trial version and offers multiple packages to fit various practices’ requirements.  

DocuTAP EMR is a rapidly expanding healthcare technology firm that offers practice management software and electronic medical records (EMR) for urgent care facilities. Insight by DocuTAP, its most recent innovation, gives decision-makers access to clinic data, empowering them to make better decisions and cut expenses at urgent care facilities. Real-time data from healthcare operations is essential to providing a better patient experience as the demand for critical care services rises.  

Features comparison Insight EMR Vs. DocuTAP  

INSIGHT EMR is a user-friendly cloud-based EMR that streamlines business processes in medical practices. This EMR has integrated billing options and a therapist-customizable user interface. There’s also a free trial version available. 

Clinicient’s Insight EMR offers features like a dashboard that make patient management easier and let doctors tailor the program. Additionally, it has a module for accounts receivables, which streamlines the revenue cycle and optimizes account receivable procedures. Tools for customizable reporting are also included in the software.  

Tools that synchronized data between administrative, clinical, and financial operations of rehabilitation practices were used to develop INSIGHT EMR. As a result, it is a single, integrated system that provides solutions for chores like arranging appointments, handling patient registration, logging medical information, documenting cases, filing insurance claims, and other similar daily duties typical of all rehabilitation offices.  

Software professionals meticulously created the web-based application, which serves as an EMR and an EHR. It also makes adjustments to meet the particular needs of different specializations, including speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy institutions.  


Insight EHR avoids revenue loss due to underbilling and denials by ensuring transparency and integrity in your reporting and claims. Its clinical solutions put everything you need at your fingertips so you can engage patients, document legally, and bill fully and honestly. In addition, Clinicient promises to increase the accuracy of clinical data and the effectiveness of practice workflow with its customized product.  

DocuTAP EMR, a comprehensive software system, offers electronic medical records, practice management, and revenue cycle management. DocuTAP is perfect for urgent care clinics because it is web-based, provides analytics and business intelligence capabilities, and can be customized to each practice’s needs. Thanks to the straightforward approach, multiple staff members can work simultaneously on the same note. Additionally, the software generates patient statements detailing unpaid balances—this aids healthcare professionals in managing patient data and monitoring insurance coverage.  

The software used by DocuTAP has capabilities like practice administration, online patient check-in, scheduling wait times, real-time insurance verification, and simple-to-read client receipts. It also offers pediatrics and urgent care functionality and capabilities for workers’ compensation appointments. In addition, the software’s user-friendly charting module and intuitive user interface make it simple for staff members to fill in patient records.  

Easy-to-Use Software

DocuTAP is simple to use, thanks to its user-friendly design. Moreover, to save time, it contains a lot of flexible options. Thanks to these capabilities, you may accomplish things more quickly and spend less time on administrative activities. Additionally, it offers helpful customer service that responds promptly to legal problems. Further, it includes a generous community where you can find videos showing you how to carry out various activities.  

The PM side of the program has a color-coded scheduling module that makes it easier for front-desk workers to schedule appointments. In addition, users can confirm their insurance eligibility at check-in and obtain crucial data such as copay payment details.  

Patients can view their medical records and make online bill payments using the patient portal. Additionally, the business asserts a 98% customer retention rate, and about 40% of urgent care facilities use DocuTAP EMR. Additionally, the system offers automated E/M coding, allowing users to chart cases quickly and accurately.  

Price check- Insight EMR Vs. DocuTAP  

DocuTAP’s precise pricing information is available upon request (they do not make it open to the general public), but it is less expensive than the typical price of medical software. Unlike their rivals, Insight EMR and Billing by Clinicient’s price starts at $50 per feature/month, significantly less than the typical cost of medical software. DocuTAP’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is higher than that of Insight EMR and Billing. DocuTAP provides its consumers with additional functionality that Insight EMR and Billing does. 

Insight EMR Vs. DocuTAP user review  

Insight EMR Reviews: Positive user reviews support this excellent app. The Clinicient EMR is simple to use. Users can modify the software to suit the requirements of their clinic. They have very professional and responsive support services. It makes it simple for clinicians to set goals using objective data. It will allow billing to remain internal and provide a significant chance to profit from the Insight Solution.  

DocuTap users review: Users of the DocuTap solution can generate reports using a drag-and-drop functionality provided by the analytics and business intelligence modules. In addition, it includes documentation help so that users can concentrate on the type of service they must offer their patients. However, their customer service representatives take their time responding. Therefore, users are not instantly updated on their inquiries.  

Final Thought   

Although DocuTAP is more expensive, it offers many of the same capabilities as Clinicient’s Insight EMR. The cost of adaptations, software licenses, and subscription fees account for the price variance. The price of support and upkeep must also be taken into account. You may improve your staffing decisions and spot outlier patients using Insight’s billing and analytics services. Additionally, the software offers dashboards and capabilities that help clinicians chart cases quickly and effectively. However, both of the two programs are pricey.

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