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Know How Your Smartphone Can Help You Lose Weight

Among the solutions for getting in shape there is also technology. We discover more on the server digital!

Use your cell phone for calorie calculation and control of the workout makes you lose weight more and more constant over time, compared to other known methods. A support is a study by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, through a search, which lasted nearly three years, has shown greater commitment and better results in the fight against the pounds, the part of those involved in the experiment , equipped with a digital assistant.

According to the coordinator of the research, the technology has proved invaluable in achieving the objectives set, because it can help people to regulate their own eating behavior in real time. A closer look, in fact, there are many who have no idea how many calories are contained in foods and how much physical activity is necessary to consume, it goes without saying then, that the applications of mobile phones provide a good feedback to that effect, constitutes a valuable aid in making appropriate choices for power control.

The ultimate way to lose weight

Also supported by scientific studies, it seems that the avant-garde in terms of diet, is represented by technology and, more specifically from the smartphone that, through the appropriate App downloadable, offers a number of useful features to observe the progress of the diet, It also ensures the abutment in relation to the achievement and maintenance of body weight. Currently there are many Apps available on the market that promise support in the process of weight loss: it is easy to use applications that help the user to learn how to behave in order to balance your caloric intake and monitor their state of health than weight.

The App ally of the form

The latest addition to the theme App for “remise en forme” is called MyDiet-Lady and can be downloaded on Google Play. Fun and easy to use, allows you to calculate the calories daily and weekly undertaken by the different foods, and those consumed by the sport. Three main steps of MyDiet: Meals from the menu you choose the dishes for the table, from the Sports section is selected physical activity practiced in the day and then you learn the calories from the Diary of the day or week. In a few easy steps, then, is kept under control what you eat, making sure the correct information on the balance between the calories consumed and expended by physical activity.

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