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Mushrooms: Lots of Vitamin D Can Help To Lose Weight

The mushrooms: delicious specialties of Italian forests, they can become valuable allies of health.

Two new research shows how in fact they become deposits of vitamin D, and even tools for weight loss.

The first is a search for Boston University, headed by Dr. John H. Raphael-Keegan and published in “Dermato-Endocrinology”.

The Boston team has worked with two types of fungus, shiitake mushrooms and common, exposing them to artificial UVA light. Subsequent checks showed that the two species contain high levels of vitamin D, which could be easily absorbed by men. Furthermore, the vitamin was present even after cooking.

The second, is a research of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, directed by Professor Lawrence Cheskin and published in “Journal Faseb.”

The survey was based on 73 volunteers, obese or overweight, divided into two groups: the first group has replaced the meat with a dose of mushrooms, the second continued the standard diet.

After a year of controlled feeding, all of them have undergone medical examination: a result, the first group (mushroom eaters) had lost more weight (3 pounds on average), had seen reduced waist size (6.5 cm) and had retained more long the benefits.

This is because, the professor concludes, the fungi increase the feeling of satiety and provide a good deal of calories: result, you eat less and lose weight is in a better position.

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