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Negative Effects Of Sugar And Ways To Maintain Sugar Level

Have you ever looked at the ingredient labels on the food in your cupboard? Almost everything contains chemicals, lots of sugar, or high fructose corn syrup. The best way to stay lean is to accept the fact sugar and processed foods are empty calories which make you gain weight. It’s bad for your skin and bad for your teeth. Instead, change your eating habits to fresh foods, devoid of high fructose corn syrup, and contain no unwanted chemicals.

I know Cheetos are tasty, soda is delicious, and Oreo’s are to die for, but at what cost? Gaining weight and not being comfortable with the way you look? Your health? I had to give up all those things a long time ago after I realized it would help my career by making me more competitive. The second I gave up sodas, I noticed less fat in my body a week later. When I moved onto fresher foods, I noticed my energy levels were higher. I took sugar out of my diet completely and switched over my sweeteners to natural sweetener replacements (like agave nectar), making maintaining a thin weight a breeze. I never looked back.

Bad sugar really is the devil and you can’t get away from it unless you make an effort. It’s even addictive, which will have you coming back again and again. Toughen up and realize your overall health is much more important than a tub of ice cream. Looking better in clothes will give you priceless confidence in life. It worked for me.

Anti-Sugar Helpful Tips:

Replace artificial sweeteners – and refined sugar with agave nectar. Agave nectar comes from cactus and is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which can be beneficial to your health. It also doesn’t have a significant impact on blood-sugar levels because it absorbs slowly into the bloodstream.

Grab low fat yogurt instead of ice cream – Vanilla is my favorite and satisfies my sweet tooth every time. I like to have it as my “before bedtime, watching TV, I wish I had something sweet” snack. Watch out for fruit added yogurts. Add your own fresh fruit since many have sugary syrup added.

Have trail mix on hand and ditch the cookies – Trail mix is a great for an in between-meal snack. It’s healthy and will hold you over until it’s meal time. The best trail mix contain whole nuts, uncovered raisins and dates. Be aware of coated raisins with palm oil covering because it’s full of saturated fats.

Don’t buy anything that will tempt you – If it’s not there you won’t eat it. I’m personally too lazy to go to the store just for cookies.

Keep healthy snacks in the fridge and cupboards at eye level – Cut up veggies and fruits like carrots and apples are perfect to have at your eyeline. If you must have sugary temptations around for guests or leftovers from a party, store them in a far place where it will take effort to get to them. Maybe you’ll think twice on the far walk to the basement.

Read ingredient labels – Generally, the shorter the ingredient list the healthier. Know what the ingredients are and their benefits. Lots of companies like to reword chemicals and sugars to trick us into thinking it’s something else rather than sugar. The simpler the better. If I have a tough choice between two products, the one with the shortest chemical list wins my decision.

Fruit, fruit, fruit – Fruit has natural fructose making it sweet, good for you, contains lots of antioxidants and you can eat tons of it. You’ll never have to worry about going in for a second helping.

No more soda – ever! Trade soda for water, it’s zero calories, it hydrates you (giving you energy), it flushes out toxins, and makes your skin look beautiful. To make it more exciting, add cucumber or lemon and pretend you’re at a day spa.

Accept reality – You can’t have king size candy bars and cookies to snack on daily. You have to make sacrifices if you want to change.

James John
I am the admin of this health and fitness blog. I completed his diploma in medical science. I loves to share my knowledge in medical science.
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