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Osteopathic Manipulation: Here Is What You Need To Know

You probably have visited a massage therapist or chiropractor as you strive to supercharge your holistic health and wellness regimen. The hands-on approach is great at relieving tension and helps improve your body function. However, this is what you might not know. Medical doctors (Osteopathy doctors – DOs) are trained in the same hands-on techniques and other approaches that promote holistic healing. Doctor of osteopathic medicine Cary, NC, can diagnose and treat various conditions using osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM), and as trained professionals, prescribe medication and conduct checkups.

DOs are medical experts and, with OMM, can apply pressure/force on virtually any body part, not just the joints. The pros use more methods than chiropractors, including direct and indirect techniques. The OMM methods targets areas including:

Soft tissue: The pressure application works by massaging and/or stretching the soft tissues, which offers pain relief and improved blood flow.

Cranial manipulation: The technique involves applying soft tissue pressure to various skull parts, promoting holistic healing.

Muscle energy release: In this method, you push your muscle one way, and the doctor pulls it in the opposite direction, releasing the energy and tension, which provides better flexibility, mobility, and recovery.

Myofascial release: The method entails firm but gentle pressure application, which helps release tension in the tissue surrounding your organs, muscles, and bones, known as fascia.

Good osteopathic manipulation therapy candidate

OMM helps relieve pain, restore function, and enhance mobility and range of motion. Virtually anyone is a great OMM candidate. This is more so since the doctor tailors the therapy following your situation. From babies to older adults, the doctors don’t just dive in and place you on the table. They consider:

  • Medical history
  • Current health and symptoms
  • Lifestyle

They then run a physical exam, including checking your bones, muscles, and nerves. The DO uses this information to tailor a therapy best suited for your situation.

A thorough diagnosis is essential to establish the root cause of your condition. This is keeping in mind that an injury or illness in one part of your body affects other areas. Your body organs work together to keep you healthy, and when one is not at its best, symptoms can show in other areas that are most affected.

Your skeletal problems, for example, could be due to issues from the digestive system. The digestive system could fail to replenish the skeletal system with the required nutrients for stronger and healthy bones, causing skeletal issues. This is the reason Dos run tests. Instead of just focusing on the ailing part, they apply OMM to nerves, joints, tissue, and muscle, impacting all the main body’s systems. The approach improves more functions, promoting holistic healing.

Common conditions OMM treats

OMM can be employed in treating many conditions, especially those that cause muscle and joint pain. You can benefit from the treatment if you are struggling to treat and manage:

  • Asthma and sinus infections
  • Bowel problems, for example, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain, migraines, and headaches
  • Menstrual cramps and pregnancy challenges like sciatica and swelling
  • Musculoskeletal issues like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders)
  • Overuse injuries that are common in sports, for example, tennis elbow
  • Arthritis, to mention a few

Osteopathic manipulation therapy is safe and effective. Side effects are rare, but you may experience soreness or stiffness that should subside in a few days. Visit or call Generations Family Practice to learn more about osteopathic manipulation and how it can help improve your holistic health regimen.

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