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The Top 10 Sports That Helps To Lose Weight

The first effort, physical and mental, is to get up and get dressed in the appropriate manner. Yes, but then what sport do to burn the right number of calories? More and more studies show sport as an encouragement for better health and weight loss, but no one can tell us what to choose. He did it for us a well-known American news site, the Huffington Post, publishing the level of calories that can be lost through the practice of ten sports activities. Here are the rankings.

At the first place you place your martial arts like judo and karate, but also the more “combat” as Kick boxing and Taekwondo: one hour of movement that is 1,300 calories. Second place went to the ever-popular football, soccer or calciotto depending on your preference: in an hour you leave more than 1000 calories. People who like the wind in your hair recommend the race, which alone or in company allows you to lose 820 calories in an hour.

In fourth place is the jump rope: about 700 calories lost in one hour, but we all remember from childhood how tiring. Always niche, but this time much more for gourmets is climbing: 700 calories per hour with those who practice it can be sure to have fun burning calories enough.

In sixth position back a classic of the most popular sports in the city: the tennis burns with a “match” of about 660 calories an hour. Seventh place for fencing off 600 calories an hour’s work. Ensures that the most popular cycling between 550 and 850 calories less, even if you do only on Sundays.

Last good water sports (between 500 and 600) calories and trekking in an hour you can burn 400 calories.

Without the ranking, the warning is almost a foregone conclusion. Do not just practice these activities once in a while: here without constancy is not going anywhere.

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