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Top 5 Benefits Of Wearing Retainers After Orthodontic Therapy

Orthodontic therapy is a huge investment, as it could be expensive and take months or even years to fix your smile. As such, you must take all necessary measures to preserve your teeth in line. After you initially complete your Invisalign® therapy or get your braces off, there is a lot of incentive to keep wearing your retainer to safeguard your newly aligned smile. However, with time, it is natural to begin to resent constantly remembering to wear your retainer. For this reason, retainer Flushing specialist Dr. Yon Lai discusses some top benefits of wearing retainers. Continue reading to learn more.

1) It Maintains Your Smile In Line

Teeth need time to adjust to their new placements. It will take time for your teeth, gums, and muscles to adjust to the new alignment of your teeth and jaws. After having your teeth straightened, you should use a retainer to keep them in their new positions; otherwise, they could revert to their previous positions.

2) It Protects Against Tongue Thrust

While talking, swallowing, or resting, some individuals push their tongues forward. Frequently thrusting your tongue can cause your teeth to shift forward, affecting your newly aligned grin. Luckily, Dr. Lai can provide you with a custom retainer to protect your teeth and keep them in their proper position.

3) It Helps Prevent Teeth Clenching

After you remove your braces or finish using Invisalign, you may notice a change in how your mouth feels. Some people clench their teeth and jaw muscles as they adapt to these new sensations. Dr. Lai can customize your retainer to avoid clenching, which helps you prevent issues like tooth grinding and headaches.

4) It Can Enhance Your Orthodontic Therapy 

After your orthodontic treatment is complete, if there are still little gaps between your teeth, Dr. Lai may create a custom retainer that will continue to gently shut those gaps. Moreover, some people have difficulty pronouncing specific phrases because of the shift brought about by orthodontic treatment. A retainer can aid in properly forming sounds and help with any breathing difficulties you might have.

5) It Safeguards Your Oral Health

A healthier oral hygiene routine begins with a healthy set of straight teeth. Food particles and bacteria can get stuck in the pits and crannies created by crooked teeth. Using your retainer, you keep the results of your Invisalign and braces after complete treatment. Therefore, wearing retainers facilitates improved dental hygiene practices like flossing and brushing, allowing you to maintain a well-aligned smile and a gleaming white one.

What Are General Tips For Anybody Who Needs To Use A Retainer?

It is hard to remember wearing a retainer, and even more challenging to remind a self-conscious kid to wear them as well. You can help yourself, or your child remembers to wear their retainer by writing notes, creating a habit, or even rewarding yourself or your kid for remembering to do so. Other key tips for ensuring you always wear your retainer include:

  • Always keep it in the same place, like your keys
  • Ensure there is enough room in your bag or backpack for your retainer case

Keep your teeth straight and your smile healthy with the help of retainers. These simple devices will help you preserve the orthodontic outcomes you have worked hard to acquire. Contact House of Braces today if you want a nice-fitting retainer. Call the Flushing or Lower East Side, NY office or request an initial consultation online with Dr. Yon Lai.

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