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Vitamin E Is An Important Source Of Health And Nutrition So Vitamin E Miracle

Tocopherols and tocotrienols are grouped into four types: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta, is an important source of nutrients vitamin E.

It has many qualities essential for a healthy life. Vitamin E is lip soluble and sensitive to alkaline environments and oxidation.

Recommended daily dose: 12-20 mg.


• vegetable oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids (soy, corn, sunflower), fruit oil (nuts, seeds of sun flower), germs of cereals, green vegetables (spinach in particular), and tomatoes are the main food sources of vitamin E. In the very small amount is found in meat.

Roles and characteristics of vitamin E

•Due to antioxidant action prevent cancer because protects healthy cells from free radicals and pollutants agencies;

• strengthens the immune system;

• Allows better blood irrigation in the whole body;

• Helps to combat the emergence cancer cells;

• Preserve ‘integrity’ of vitamin A

• Attenuates feeling of fatigue, improves mental efficiency, helping your body to recover after sustained effort (it is a vitamin essential for performance athletes)

• Are acting like anticoagulant that prevents blood aggregation wafers;

• Accelerates healing wounds caused by burns.

Useful Notes:

• Chemical treatments that are undergo vegetable oils, reduce the content of vitamin E

• Vitamin E is the subject of controversy: in ancient time was considered an aphrodisiac, anti sterilities remedy, but some recent studies contradict this hypothesis, considering that it is valid in the case of animals, not human beings.

• Iron should not be taken simultaneously with vitamin E, it is necessary to a break of 8 hours between administration of that two.

Vitamin E is necessary when using anticonvulsive medicaments or certain antibiotics.

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