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What Microneedling Entails

As the name suggests, Microneedling is a form of skin needling that involves affliction of micro-traumas and controlled skin puncturing to boost its regeneration. Microneedling also referred to as collagen induction therapy, is the primary mechanism for improving the appearance of your skin, treating imperfections, and improving its texture. This form of treatment has become very popular in the cosmetic industry due to its effective yet minimally invasive and virtually painless form of skin treatment that can be applied in most skin areas, such as the body, face, and scalp. In this article, we will advise why you should consider Santa Monica aesthetics.

What Skin Problems Can Microneedling Treat?

Microneedling is a very effective multipurpose skin treatment that contains several beneficial mechanisms that can be used to treat skin issues, such as:

  •       Stretch marks
  •       Hyperpigmentation
  •       Acne scars
  •       Dull skin
  •       Discolored lips
  •       Sun damage and burns
  •       Enlarged pores
  •       Loss of skin elasticity
  •       Fine lines and wrinkles
  •       Hair loss
  •       Other forms of scarring on the body and face

What Happens During Microneedling Treatment?

Microneedling treatment usually begins with your healthcare provider cleansing your face, then applying a topping numbing cream. Your doctor will leave this numbing agent to take effect for about 10-20 minutes. A Microneedling pen is then gently passed back and forth all over your face as the tiny needles move up and down. Once this procedure is completed, your doctor will apply a serum that promotes skin healing and repair. Since Microneedling procedures often leave your skin red and sensitive, most practitioners advise their patients to apply a chemical-free sunscreen during the first weeks following the procedure. Also, keep your skin well-hydrated by applying a mild hydrating serum and a mild skin cleanser.

 Do Microneedling Procedures Hurt?

While the idea of tiny needles constantly piercing your skin sounds very painful, this is usually not the case. This is because you will be applying a numbing cream that will make the Microneedling procedure smooth and have minimal pain. However, you should expect inflamed skin (a kind of sunburn) post the procedure. A few small punctuated scabs may pop up on your skin surface, but they will completely fade within a few days.

Who is the Perfect Candidate for Microneedling?

Microneedling is one of the surest ways of getting rid of acne scarring, and since it is completely mechanical, meaning it does not use heat, it is generally safe for people of all skin types and colors. This skin treatment is perfect for smoothing your surface and filling in acne scars. It can also help clear the small bumps on your skin that develop from clogged pores. However, most practitioners often recommend that you should undergo a Microneedling procedure if you have any inflamed or infected areas of your skin. You should also avoid this procedure if you have a cystic breakout, eczema, or rosacea, are undergoing cancer therapy, have bleeding disorders, or have very sensitive skin.

How Often Should I Undergo Microneedling?

The rate you should undergo under Microneedling procedures usually depends on the severity of your skin problems. Doctors advise that if your skin is generally healthy and you can easily take care of it, you can get Microneedling procedures every three to six months, but if you have severe skin problems, you should get one Microneedling session every month for four to six consecutive months.

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