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What You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a technique that dentists use to ensure you are comfortable during dental procedures. It is useful for people of all ages who exhibit dental fears before and during dental visits. Once you visit your dentist, they will discuss what type of sedation dentistry Pearland is suitable for you.

The technique is useful for people with dental anxiety as well. You might hurt yourself if you fidget or are restless during a dental procedure. That is why dentists recommend sedation to keep you calm.

Why do you need to do it?

While dental anxiety is the primary reason why you might receive sedation dentistry, there are other reasons that your dentist might consider the procedure. The following are the reasons for the process:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Difficulty staying still during dental procedures
  • Sensitive gag reflux
  • You need to undergo many dental procedures
  • A low pain threshold  

Types of sedation dentistry

Your dentist might recommend the type of sedation dentistry depending on your condition and the dental procedures you might need. Although many people don’t need sedation for teeth cleaning, you might need an anesthetic if you cannot stand the process.

The types of sedation industry vary in strength. Your dentist might use sedation that allows you movement in case you need to turn during a procedure. In other cases, your dentist might require you to sleep due to the intensity of the procedure. The following are common types of sedation industry.

Oral sedation

Before your appointment, your specialist writes you the prescription medicine you need before your procedure begins. You will buy the medication and take it an hour before your treatment. You might feel drowsy as you arrive at your dentist’s office, and they will start the process once the anesthesia sets in.

Inhaled sedation

Another type of sedation dentistry is inhaled sedation. This type of sedation is in the form of a gas, and the most common is nitrous oxide, popularly known as ‘laughing gas.’ Before your treatment, your dentist will use a mask over your face to administer nitrous oxide and oxygen to make you comfortable for the procedure.  

Intravenous sedation

Your specialist might recommend IV sedation if you need a lot of dental work. Your anesthesiologist delivers the sedation straight into your bloodstream and stays onsite to monitor your vital signs. IV sedation is suitable for oral surgery or a combination of dental procedures.  

It is important to understand that the different types of sedation dentistry take different periods to wear off. While nitrous oxide wears off easily, oral sedation can take a few hours. To be safe, arrange for someone to take you home after your treatment. 

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Sedation dentistry is safe, but you should let your doctor know about any medical conditions you have. For example, let your doctor know whether you have a family history of kidney disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

If you have dental anxiety, visit TNL Family Dental for sedation dentistry. Get qualified and experienced dentists to evaluate your condition and offer individualized treatment with comfort. Call or book an appointment online today for comfortable dental procedures.

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