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When to Look for a Hormone Specialist

Hormone specialists are trained in the specific roles that testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and other important hormones play in our lives. While the average doctor is trained to diagnose problems with individual systems and treat those problems, possibly with hormones as one component of their treatment plan, a hormone specialist from Plano The Riegel Center goes one step further by understanding how to assess levels of individual hormones and how that impacts the function of various systems throughout our bodies. This training goes beyond a basic understanding of the endocrine function and encompasses specialized knowledge of what is normal for each individual’s body and mind.

This distinct expertise can help you if you have concerns about your sexuality or fertility. The right hormone specialist will be able to pinpoint any discrepancies between your ideal hormonal levels and your current functioning so that you can work with them to develop a plan for correcting the problem.

Here are the reasons for working with a hormone specialist.

1. Help restore hormone levels

If you are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance, it is important to seek the help of a doctor specializing in hormones. A hormone specialist can help you restore your hormone balance and feel better. It is important to note that not all doctors trained in endocrinology or internal medicine are experts on hormones; most doctors do not have formal training in this area.

2. Stay on top of your health information

As we age, our body changes, and so do our hormones. A hormone specialist will be able to provide you with current information about the latest research on how aging affects women’s health. They will also discuss any new treatments available for treating menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes or vaginal dryness caused by low estrogen levels during perimenopause or menopause stages.

3. Provide personalized care

A hormone specialist will work with you to develop a treatment plan based on your individual needs and preferences for managing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, or vaginal dryness. You will also receive ongoing care from this doctor until your symptoms are under control again.

4. Reduce symptoms of menopause and PMS: 

Menopause and PMS are two common conditions that can be managed with bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are hormones that have the same chemical structure as those produced by the body, so they act like natural hormones. They are made in compounding pharmacies using a process called molecular distillation, which removes all foreign substances from the natural hormones and makes them more potent than the synthetic hormones found in conventional medications. This means bioidentical hormones can provide better symptom relief than synthetic ones.

Get to the root of your symptoms: 

Hormone specialists can help determine whether your symptoms are caused by an imbalance in sex hormones or other factors. They might also suggest additional tests if they suspect another condition is causing your symptoms.

Hormone imbalances can cause a wide range of symptoms, including fatigue, low sex drive, and depression. In many cases, hormone imbalances can be treated with lifestyle modifications or medications. But sometimes, more complex treatments may be needed to restore normal levels of hormones. All you need is to connect with The Riegel Center specialists.

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