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Why Good Fat Foods Are Essential For Keeping Your Body Active

Because your body needs to function properly, you must to consume fats as well, just need to choose the healthy ones. Foods that are found in these “good fats” are:

• hazelnuts
• walnuts
• avocado
• seeds

They have a very high heat index, so they must be consumed with moderation, but not completely out of food (for example, must not eating more than a handful of nuts per day).

Monosaturated and polisaturated fats are beneficial for both skin and the heart, but only in small quantities. “Good fats” offer the feeling of saturation, without which we would always be hungry. Omega-3 oil, which is found in fish and some nuts, and it’s known for its extraordinary effects: prevents cancer, improves the immune system, etc.

A right portion of almonds (rich in vitamin E) should not exceed seven pieces, seeds of sunflower or pumpkin should be consumed in quantities of one soup spoon (about 150 calories) and a portion of avocado have to be 1 / 8 of a whole fruit. If it’s about oil for salads, a spoon has 45 calories, whether it is soy, corn, olives, sunflower etc.

Recommendations for an easy introduction of good fats in your diet:

1. A slice of bread with margarine that will provide a significant amount of good fats (including essential fatty acids) and lip soluble vitamins (A, D, E).

2. Consume fat fish once or twice a week (preferably at the grill or oven).

3. A spoon of vegetable oil (sunflower, olive) added to a salad will make it more tasty, and more nutritional

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