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Why Relaxation Is Important For Better Sleep – Should Know

Whatever you do on your bed will make significant differences on how fast you get sleep. So, you can try to do this relaxation technique.

Move your Toes

Some studies emphasize that moving your foot can make sleep faster and more comfortable. This technique can help you to solve traumatic stress disorder. Moving your toes will relax foot muscle and other muscles. Since body has relation with your mind, sleep becomes easier as stated by Kevin Kunz in the book Complete Reflexology for Life.

There is no limitation of time to move your toes, so that you can do as much as you can until you feel comfortable and easy to get sleep.

Consume Inositol capsule

Inositol capsule as the group of vitamin B complex is effective to heal depression and anisettes. Many experts assume it as strong insomnia remedy. According to Jonny Bowden, PhD in the book The 150 Most Effectively Ways to Boots Your Energy, inositol can increase neurotransmitter serotonin. If you have high serotonin, you will be easy to relax your body and mind. You can consume this capsule under 500 mg doses before sleeping. However, you have to consult it to your doctor first.

Wipe Your Stomach

You can make bigger and bigger circle around your navel and then move back to opposite direction until you come to the first position. Some experts state that this movement can increase relaxation and optimize assimilation system. Some therapists use this technique to solve some health problem as insomnia and hearth operation effect.

Leaves Pajamas

In a study in England, 85 % people wearing pajamas go sleep faster when they put it off. Lower temperature of body and room will indicate your brain that it is time to sleep. Put off your clothe is one way to reduce your body temperature.

Take a Breath Left and Right

You can try to take breath with your nose in turn left and right. Yoga practice will relax your mind and faster your sleep. You can do it in turn for 10 times to increase brain neurotransmitter amount as dopamine ad endorphins, as stated by Mashing Ni, Ph, D in the book Second Spring: Dr Mao’s Hundreds of Natural Secrete for Women to revitalize and Regenerate at Any age.

Bent Sleeping

Although you move when you are sleeping, you can start your sleep with bent sleeping position to relax shoulder and neck. Your back has natural bent position, so that it is able to reduce you stress and make you sleep faster. You can put thin pillow under your waist to reduce the pressure.

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