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Essential Foods to Reduce Stress and Overweight

Base on National Center for Health Statistic, more than 2/3 Americans get over weight or obesity. Most of them do not realize how much food they have because of getting stress. Stress may influence your body and its function and create various diseases as hearth disease, hypertension, peptic ulcer, asthma, and obesity.

Fortunately, you can reduce stress with effective trick as low fat diet food and full of nutrient. These are some tricks and tips you may try to reduce stress and over weight.

Nutrient to Refresh Nerve

  1. Eating food with more folic acid or folate as vitamin B that can refresh spirit.
  2. Eating more food with B-12 increasing energy while getting tired.
  3. Choose food containing higher antioxidant like vitamin C, E, and Selenium mineral helping to repair cell damage because of stress.

Food to Reduce Stress

Add more turkey in your diet menu to get selenium increasing serotonin amount, kind of relaxing hormone. You may add it in salad, sandwich, soup, or as snack. You may also have snail (in soup, spaghetti sausages as appetizer) which is rich of vitamin B12. Add more lentil with high folate in soup. The other source of folate is salad, baby carrot, and paprika, cucumber, or wheat crackers.

Black eye pea in papaya also contains folate, give tomatoes and slices of carrot with basil and prepare it with warm brown rice. Eating more papaya and paprika may give more vitamin A and C and folate to your diet. Besides, sun flower seed also gives you more vitamin E and folate in your diet. You can try it as snack or for topping ice cream

Forbidden Food

  • Caffeine Drinking

It is better to avoid latte in the morning. Caffeine usually contains in coffee, soda, and tea. It may cause anxiety and increase stress hormone amount.

  • Trans Fatty Acid

You need to avoid food with Trans fatty acid found in baked food like cake, pie, and other instant food because it will damage immunity system and create hearth disease. You have to read the label of food fist and avoid food with hydrogenated vegetable oil.

  • Sugar

You also need to limit sugar amount because it may increase glucose amount in your blood, increase insulin production, and decrease your blood glucose. This condition disturbs adrenal gland’s work to control stress hormone, to protect your body from stress, and to help thyroid controlling body weight.

  • Alcohol

Having too much alcohol can damage your adrenal gland.

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