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Why You Should Consider Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening?

There are many things you can do to look after your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing can keep them healthy and allow you to enjoy foods that need chewing as well as cold drinks and ice cream or hot drinks.

But while oral health is important sometimes you may need a bit more to keep your teeth looking good such as making it look whiter. Why? The practice of drinking coffee and/or wine that is now part of socializing plus other factors can actually discolor your teeth faster than if you never ingested these foods.

And a whiter smile has (in many mindsets) been associated with better health although this is not necessarily true. This is why you may want to consider Non-Peroxide teeth whitening kits for cosmetic reasons (especially if you are in the public eye or wish to look good and ‘healthier’ in photo-shoots).

It is possible to go to a dentist and get professional whitening. However this can be very expensive. Using home kits can be a lot cheaper and allow you to make your teeth whiter at the fraction of the cost of a professional service.

One thing to be aware of is the peroxide content of a whitening kit. In the European Union the sale of home teeth whitening kits that contain peroxide has been banned. Some problems have been known to occur such as damage to the tooth enamel and dehydration of the teeth.

However it is important to remember that these effects often happen when people do not correctly apply the active peroxide ingredient. You should also check to see the level of concentration as between 6 to 20 per cent is said to be best for whitening while minimizing side effects such as dehydration of teeth. There have been some cases where people have used household bleach in the belief that this will whiten teeth. This will not whiten your teeth and is very dangerous to your health!

Non peroxide teeth whitening kits use natural alternative active ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate. These have the same cleaning effect but without the same level of side effects as the peroxide equivalent. While these products are safer to use at home you still need to take care and look at all the instructions carefully in order to apply the whitening gel properly.

Non peroxide kits are also better suited to people with sensitive teeth. This is because peroxide has been known to increase dental sensitivity. Therefore in this context non peroxide whitening is more advisable. You can also decrease the risk of damaging the teeth and gums by ensuring the kit contains a mouth guard that can be properly moulded around the teeth, keeping the saliva away from the teeth and preventing the gel from becoming diluted, thus getting the best possible whitening effect.

Another thing to look out for is kits with additional instructional DVDs. These allow you to see how the mouth guard is applied and the correct way to apply the gel. The gel needs to be spread thinly in order to be effective. More gel will not give you whiter teeth!

In short if used properly Non peroxide teeth whitening kits can improve the whiteness of your teeth. Look out for companies that offer money back guarantees on the product as this is a sign that they are confident in the level of service and quality that they offer.

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